21 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day

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21 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day

What can be a better day than the one spent with our little furry friends? With Get Your Dog to Work Day, it’s now possible for you to actually get your pets to the office and flaunt their cuteness around the corridors and office parks during the break.

Started in 1999 by Pet Sitters International, the special day was conceptualized to celebrate the existence of our paw friends in our life and dedicate a day to their service. Held a week after Father’s Day, it marks the onset of the 'Take Your Pet to Work' week.

Over the last few years, many companies have inculcated this day as a part of their calendar and welcomed the four legged babies to be a part of the formal structure at least once in a year.

Genentech, Kimpton, Atlantic Health, Salesforce, Google (Alphabet), Mars and Autodesk are some of the companies who love to celebrate this wonderful day.

Here’s how the offices looked during those days:

#1. It’s Fur-Fun Day!

(Image Courtesy: Bored Panda )

Spending ten minutes with these innocent souls drives most of the tension away!

#2. It’s Nap Time!

(Image Courtesy: Earth Prom)

Probably it found the work too boring! But hey! With this little bundle of cuteness, who is going to feel bored at work?

#3. Paw Effect!

(Image Courtesy: Days of the Year)

Is it lending a paw of help? While they do nothing other than sitting by your side, their presence itself is so helpful at workplaces that most companies have begun to endorse this day in their calendar.

#4. Fur-meet!

(Image Courtesy: Life with Dogs)

As you are busy attending a meeting, seems like they are having a meeting of their own! What a way to make the tense enviornment, lighter!

#5. Cuddling Time In Row?

(Image Courtesy: Flair)

A nice warm hug with the pet can release all the bad thoughts from the mind and bring a smile on your face!

#6. Who’s Little Baby Are You?

(Image Courtesy: Care2)

Having your dog at work increases interactivity among employees and allows them for bonding over the cuteness of the pets.

#7. It’s Fur-Ready!

(Image Courtesy: Life With Dogs)

Employees look forward to such days in office. This adds to their level of job satisfaction and they grow loyal towards the organization.

#8. Pup-It Up!

(Image Courtesy: Rover)

Did you know with pets around employees take fewer breaks? They do not tire down with the work pressure. Rather, they are more efficient towards delivering quality work.

#9. Give Me A Paw-5!

(Image Courtesy: Fast Company)

The adorable creatures leave no stones unturned to lift the mood of the employees. It’s really hard to not be jovial in their company, especially when to get down to their cute acts of grabbing attention.

#10. Who’s The Boss?

(Image Courtesy: Allegiance Staffing)

Since dogs are good listeners, they will always lend you an ear to share your thoughts and expressions. Sometimes, sharing could lead to the invention of great ideas!

#11. Is it Playtime?

(Image Courtesy: Dog Time)

Did you know having dogs at work keeps the employees more active and less sedentary? They keep the owners on their toes the entire time.

#12. The official leftover cleaner at work

(Image Courtesy: Pet Care Facts)

With dogs at work, one definitely does not need to worry about who will eat the leftovers. It’s always ready to volunteer for that role.

#13. Is it time to go home?

(Image Courtesy: CNBC)

People around dogs usually lose track of time. Those 'dreadful hours post lunch break that passes with every minute making its presence be felt' suddenly becomes a thing of the past!

#14. Looking For Something? Paw-Advice?

(Image Courtesy: NWI times)

Since the presence of dogs at workstations reduces stress levels among employees, it allows the creative side to rule. Hence, more creative ideas begin to swim through the mind on such days.

#15. Furry Community In Making

(Image Courtesy: Pet Care Pals)

A study suggests that dogs lead to cohesion and increased trust among the employees. If an employee is busy and cannot ease their dog, others volunteer and develop a bond of trust. This eventually benefits the organization.

#16. Specialist at Flower greetings!

(Image Courtesy: Benefits PRO)

How would you feel when the cutest living being in office welcomes you with a bunch of flowers? It’s a proven fact that happier environment in office leads to greater productivity.

#17. Listen Up, Ladies!

(Image Courtesy: Humane Society of US)

In the presence of this furry bundle of joy, the chances of conflict among the employees are minimal.

#18. Am I Cute?

(Image Courtesy: WeWork)

In the company of a dog, BP and Cholesterol become a health hazard one does not need to worry about. Their cuteness is the best medicine to cure this health problem.

#19. Are You With Me?

(Image Courtesy: Dog Time)

Many are unaware of this, dogs at work help in team building? Their presence teaches the employees the significance of a team.

#20. I Am At Your Service!

(Image Courtesy: Tampa Bay Times)

Employees surrounded by dogs feel more secured, leading to greater performance. This could be beneficial for the company.

#21. Hello? Is someone there?

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

With dogs around, comedy is at its peak. There’s nothing better than their innocence that sweeps your heart away and makes your day great.

 (Feature Image Courtesy: HolidogTimes EN)

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