Should you let your Dog Sleep in Bed with You?

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Should you let your Dog Sleep in Bed with You?

A human may love immensely, but a pet loves you unconditionally. They say that a person will love you on their terms, but your little buddy will love you without any pre-conditions. That's a beauty about them. When you come home after a hectic day at work/school/college, your pet is all excited to welcome you with all the love they have because for them you are their entire world. Probably, that's why most people say; a dog is a man's first best friend. If you have had them in your childhood, we are sure you had a happening childhood as their presence would have been enough to allow you to experience the extraordinary. Aren’t they the cutest beings in this entire world? They are tiny balls of love who follow you everywhere you go, and if they could they would go to your workplace with you. How adorable they look when they wag their tail in happiness.

They will eat with you, walk with you and even sleep with you on your bed because they love you so much. There are some pet owners who do not allow their pets to lick the face or eat from their plate and sleep in the same bed while there are those who consider their dogs as their family members and allowing them to sleep in the same bed is not a big deal for them. Do you allow your pet to lick your face?Do you allow your pets to sleep in bed with you? May I rather ask, “Should you let your dog sleep in bed with you?”

There are various opinions on this matter. Different people have different choices but to say one is true would be unfair so we will try to give you a fair discussion if you should allow your dog to sleep in bed with you or not?

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Why Should We Allow?

#1. Bed Warmers

Several dog owners take their dogs to their bed at night simply because they feel that the dogs are warm. In fact, the dogs are three to six degrees warmer than us that is why humans like to share their bed with their dogs. During cold nights, the owners feel warmer by snuggling with their pets. Dogs are hence good bed warmers.

#2. Relaxation 

Dogs can help you relax and help you have a good night's sleep. Your dogs can sense when you are stressed and they try to make you happy every time. When you play with them, you get relaxed and stress-free. A hormone called oxytocin is released when they are around. So dogs are also natural stress busters for you. Their presence in your bed will make you calmer and happier.

#3. Safety

When you have dogs at home or around you, you feel very safe. The dogs protect their owners from any sort of danger. Dogs have very string sensory system which helps them to sense danger from a quite a distance. Perhaps that is why dogs are trained and used by police forces to catch the criminals. Therefore having a dog in your bed add to the sense of security that you may lack in case you fear danger. They make you feel protected.

Why Should We Not Allow?

#1. Doctors Advice

Consult a doctor; they will advise that you do not sleep with your dogs in the same bed for a good night’s sleep. According to various research studies conducted on pet owners who slept with their pets in the same bed, it suggested that sleeping with your pet can be responsible for irregular sleep at night. The Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center completed a study in which about half the patients had a pet — and 53% of those pet owners said their pets disturbed their sleep in some way at night. A majority of those pet owners had an irregular sleep at night because they woke up multiple times. Their pets were the reason they woke up at night while the people who slept with their pets in the same room and not their bed had a better sleep.

Some speculations say that the transmission of MRSA skin infections and H1N1 influenza can make your family members ill if they share the covers with their furry friends.

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#2. Allergy And Asthma

People who suffer from pet allergies and asthma should not sleep in same bed or the same room with their pets because their presence can activate your allergies. There are allergens found in the animal's flakes of skin (dander) which can cause the allergic reaction in some people. These allergens are actually proteins in the animal skin, and when a sensitive person comes in contact, then the immune system responds leading to an allergic reaction. Some of the people are not aware of such allergies as the people who are slightly allergic get a reaction after a few days of the contact.

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#3. Aggressive Behaviors

Your pet may show aggressive behaviors which can sometimes disrupt your sleep. Your pet may even start feeling authoritative when it sleeps with you. Your dog feels like it can control things and everything is under vision. Sleeping in bed may stimulate dominance or aggression issues in some dogs. They may territorialize your bed, and you may not get your space to sleep.

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#4. Relationship Issues

When you sleep with your pet, it is important that your pet does not come between you and your partner. It is not necessary that your partner is as comfortable sleeping with your pet as you are. This can damage your relationship with your significant other. If you lose touch in a relationship, then it becomes weaker, and with your dog sleeping in between you both it will take away the spark in your relationship as well.

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#5. Watch Job

The natural instinct of a dog is to keep a look at night. Some dogs stay alert at night, and they howl to warn the owner about a possible threat at home so when your dog sleeps with you either you will not be able to sleep with his howling or barking at night or your dog will not keep a watch. By allowing your dog to sleep with, you are snatching his natural instincts to watch at night.

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#6. Tantrums 

After your dog starts sleeping in bed with you, it will not sleep on the floor or a crate. It will be hard for them to sleep on any place apart from your bed and aside from you. It is difficult for us as well to change our positions or bed so make sure you do not give them a reason to throw a tantrum on you.

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#7. Spoiled Furniture

If your dog has not been trained, then there is a possibility your clean and expensive mattress that you bought for your complete comfort may suffer from stains and leakage given by your dog. It is better to have your mattress covered and changed every day.

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#8. Dreams

Like all humans, dogs too dream at night and their dreams may trouble you in your sleep. If your dog is having a nightmare, it may start kicking you or tossing around, disrupting your sleep. A sleepless night will make you irritated and moody all day long. Be prepared for some action at night.

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At one hand, sleeping with your pet in the same bed can be beneficial for you while on the contrary, it is dangerous as well. So, it is up to you to make a decision that you find better for yourself and your pet.

If you find this article helpful then please share your opinion with us through the comments section below.

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No, as there are more disadvantages of having a dog in bed with you than advantages. 

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