Is a wireless dog fence right for you?

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Is a wireless dog fence right for you?

A wireless dog fence is a great way to keep your dog safe in your yard. Some dogs are playful and adventurous. They like to run around and explore and will often dash off to places unknown. All it takes is the sight of a cat or squirrel to have such a dog bound off your property and off into the street.

Some dogs are naughty and will get into your neighbor's property and make a mess or a ruckus. It may look like fun, but it can be fatal as they can get crushed by a car or stolen during their adventures. So it's to your advantage as well as your dogs to keep it within the perimeters of your property.

Some pet owners chain their dogs, while others choose to lock up their pets. However, it's quite sad when you have to lock up dogs as they are social creatures that need to spend time outside free of any restrictions otherwise they can get depressed.

Other dog owners choose to instill some home training which in most cases only works when the dog is indoors and not outside. Some decide to put up fences - but dogs are quite smart and will often climb over or dig under the wall to get free. With all options out of the way the best method you can use to restrain your dog in your compound humanely is a wireless dog fence.

What is a wireless dog fence?

A wireless pet fence is an electrical fence for dogs that you can use to keep your dog from crossing over set perimeters of your property. You use it to keep your dog in what is called a safe zone within which it can run around and do as it likes. However, it cannot go beyond the safe area as the wireless fence is set up to restrict it.

The wireless fence can be used to keep a pet from within ten feet up to 3 acres depending on how large your property is and the type of wireless fence you choose to use. It is made up of a transmitter that comes with a collar that has a signal receiver. You use the transmitter to map the safe zone from your house.

The transmitter controls an electrical fence set around the secure area and communicates with the signal receiver on the dog collar that you put around your pet's neck. It creates an invisible electrical wall that your dog cannot see but also cannot go beyond. As long as the dog is within the secure area its no problem, but if it attempts to go beyond the safe zone, the transmitter sends a signal to the collar, and your dog gets an electric zap.

The zap of electric current from a wireless fence dog collar is uncomfortable but will not hurt your pet. Its purpose is to stop it from going past the safe zone. With time, this method trains your dog to stay within set parameters and keeps it from going astray. For more read wireless dog fence reviews on this site.

Is it always a good idea to set up a wireless pet fence?

Although a wireless pet fence is an effective restraining method, it is not always prudent to use it. There are some situations where using the wireless fence will prove more of a problem than a solution.

For starters, you need a wide open area to install the electrical fence where its signal will not be interrupted. If your compound has lots of trees and other objects that could interfere with the signal, it will be hard to map a safe area for your wireless fence setup. The objects and trees will interfere with the signal making it a useless endeavor.

Also, while a wireless fence keeps your dog in, it will not affect other animals coming over which may compromise you and your dogs safety in some ways. Its also good to understand that some dogs are too large to restrain using an invisible fence. They may ignore the electric current when they break past the safe zone and runoff.

Some dogs may not have the temperament for a wireless fence. They may stay within the safe zone but develop an unpleasant personality out of frustration. The zapping may make them aggressive which will threaten the safety of family members. So you also have to test how the electric fence works with your dog type and personality before you make it a permanent option.

When is it right to put up a wireless dog fence?

Regardless of the setbacks, you may get from setting up a wireless fence it has some advantages. For starters, the electrical pet fence is much cheaper to set up and maintain than a physical one which is one reason you should try it. It is also portable meaning you can change its location as you desire. So you can use it at home and go with it to other places with your dog such as when you go off camping.

It's a good idea to use a wireless fence with a dog that has undergone some dog training. Such dogs are familiar with clicker training and responding to specific commands and cues. Therefore it will be easy for them to learn that the zapping is stopping them from moving past a certain point for their safety and learn to obey the system.

Overall, a wireless dog fence, if it works with your dog, can be a great way to keep it safe. It works well in places where there are predators that may harm your dog as it keeps it from going astray. It's also great if you live close to a busy street as it can effectively keep your dog from running off into the street and getting hit by a car.

You can also use the wireless dog fence to keep your dog from specific areas in your home such as your flower beds and the family pool. Its worth a try for dog owners looking to keep their pets safe within their home compound.

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