5 Fascinating Facts About Tiger Species You Must Know

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5 Fascinating Facts About Tiger Species You Must Know

In the last few years, Tigers have featured on the list of extinction, threatening their existence on the planet Earth. With their name coming on to the list, it has become a matter of concern to generate awareness about saving the wild species before it wipes off its traces of existence from the surface of the Earth.

Keeping the same in mind, an International Tiger Day was initiated to spread awareness about the protection of these gorgeous looking beasts. Many international organizations including the WWF, the IFAW, and the Smithsonian Institute are part of this initiative and have been working on eradicating the heart breaking loss. 

While organizations are contributing to making the initiative a success, let's explore facts about the majestic beauties as we remember the wide range of the species. 

#1. Indian (or Bengal) Tigers 

The most popular species of tigers are spread over India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. A Male Bengal tiger elongates to a length of 270-310 cm (including the tail) while the female measure up to 240-265 cm. The tail’s length is usually between 85-110 cm. The males can weigh around 180-258 kg whereas females stick to 100-160kg. The color of their coat may vary from a good yellow to a light orange, with stripes ranging from dark brown to black. The belly and the inside of the limbs are white, and the tail is a sharp orange with black rings. 

(Image Courtesy: Tiger Facts And Information) 

Fact: White Bengal Tigers are no different from the normal ones. The difference in the color of their fur is because of the lack of the pigment pheomelanin, which is found in the Bengal Tigers. 

#2. Amur Tigers 

Amur tigers are the largest species of the subspecies of tigers. Also known by the names Siberian, Manchurian, Ussurian, or Northeast China tigers; the males can grow up to 10.5 feet or even more, whereas the females reach up to a maximum of 8.5 feet from head to tail. The females way around 200-370 pounds, i.e., 100-167 kgs whereas the male is heavier weighing up to 660 pounds or 300 kgs. Talking about the appearance, Amur tigers have pale orange fur and brown stripes instead of the typical black ones. 

(Image Courtesy: World Wildlife Fund) 

Fact: Unlike other cat species, tigers are fond of water. They are great swimmers and go for a dip to cool themselves in the streams. 

#3. South China Tigers 

South China Tigers as the name suggests are mostly found in the Central and Eastern China. They are the smallest tiger subspecies from mainland Asia, but bigger than the Sumatran tiger. The Males grow up to 230-265 cm between the pegs, whereas females measure about 220-240 cm. The males usually weigh about 130-175 kg, and the females weigh not more than 110-115 kg. The usual size of their tales is no more than half of the head-to-body length. Their coat is a dark yellow with the paws, face, and stomach beaming a sharp white. The stripes are narrow with sharp edges. Sadly enough they have been listed as Critically Endangered on the Red List. 

(Image Courtesy: Wise Geek) 

Fact: A tiger’s roar can be heard up till a good distance of three kilometres. So, if he wants to be heard, then distance isn’t that big a deal.

#4. Malayan Tigers 

The Malayan tiger is a tiger subspecies found in the Southern and the Central parts of the Malay Peninsula. They appear to be smaller than the Indian ones measuring about 8 ft 6(259 cm) in the case of males and 7 ft 10 (239 cm) in the event of females. The male body weight varies between 47.2-129.1 kg whereas the female weighs around 24-88 kg. The color of the coat ranges from yellow and orange, with white color covering the interior of the limbs and the belly. 

(Image Courtesy: Fresnachoos) 

Fact: Tigers may not be solitary reapers but surely are solitary hunters. They usually hunt alone during the night hours. They stalk their prey in quiet and then kill them with a bite in the neck or at the back of the head. 

#5. Indo-Chinese Tigers 

These species are usually found in Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand, and Vietnam and China. Measuring up to an average of 9 feet in males and about 8 feet in females they are a bit smaller than the Bengal tigers. They are on the lighter side with a male tiger weighing about 400 pounds and females weighing up to 250 pounds only. They are darker than the Bengal tigers and have shorter and narrower strips. 

(Image Courtesy: Animal Spot) 

Fact: Tigers seem to respect individuality and therefore no two tigers will ever have the same pattern of stripes. 

Were you aware of these fun facts about tigers? If you want to add to the list, comment on the box below to share your opinions and thoughts. 

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