Do Animals Laugh?

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Do Animals Laugh?

Humans have various ways to express their emotions. We laugh when we find something funny. Cry when we are sad. Get angry, frown and what not. But have you ever thought how do animals laugh or cry? Or do animals have a sense of humor?

Some animals like rats, cats, dogs, dolphins, and chimpanzees have shown signs of understanding humor. They too can express their emotions in similar ways that humans do.

If you want to know how some of these animals laugh, then keep reading this article.


Rats are playful animals. Remember Jerry from Cartoon Network? Even though it was a cartoon character, it somewhat depicted the reality of rats. Rats are known to be mischievous. The more playful they are, the more they laugh. Rats are ticklish. They have tickle spots just like humans. Studies were conducted to show how rats reacted to being tickled. And the results were noises that sounded similar to human laughter. Here is a rat laughing gif:

(Courtesy: Giphy)


Even though cats may seem like they are in a bad mood always, many cats express happiness through laughter. If they like tickling, they will respond by laughing. You can try tickling your cat, at your own risk! Here is a gif of a cat laughing:

(Courtesy: Giphy)


Dogs show various expressions including laughter and smiling. Dogs are happy animals and respond to emotions. They become happy when their human is happy and sad when their human is sad. Dogs are highly ticklish. They even enjoy a little tickle here and there. They smile a lot and love having a big laugh anytime. Here is a gif of a dog laughing:

(Courtesy: Giphy)


Amongst the water mammals, dolphins are known for the loud laughter. They make a very loud noise to express their happiness and to show that they are having a good time. The extent to which they understand humor is unknown, but they do have a pretty loud and distinct laughter. Here is a gif of a laughing dolphin:

(Courtesy: Giphy)


Apes, especially chimpanzees have shown the highest rate of laughter among all animals. They get easily amused, and they are also very ticklish. Chimpanzees are known to have a great sense of humor. They understand some forms of human behavior, which includes humor and laughter. For further proof, here is a gif of a chimpanzee laughing:

(Courtesy: Giphy)

So now do you believe that animals can laugh or are you not convinced yet? Do let us know in the comments section below of what you think.

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