Why you should Allow your Kid to have a Dog?

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Why you should Allow your Kid to have a Dog?

A dog can be a perfect friend for your children. Besides being a comforting cuddle buddy, he can also teach a thing or two about loyalty. Children who grow up with a dog turn out to be more responsible and sensitive. The eternal charm and grace with which these friendly creatures treat humans, is a sure way to compel your kids and make them their best friends. 

Moreover, your kid will never end up feeling alone if he has a dog to accompany him. All in all, nothing can surpass the connection that a child has with a dog. If you don't agree with us at all, it's time for you to go through this amazing piece and change your mind. Here are some more reasons why all kids should have a dog:-

#1. It Will Make Them Happier

Dogs and happiness are directly correlated. Just a look at the adorable face that can brighten up your day. A dog knows gazillion ways to make you smile and laugh and can fix a cranky mood in a matter of minutes.

#2. Play Time Gets Fun

If a kid has his dog, he does not need to depend upon his playfellows anymore. Also, there are a plenty of games that you can get to play with a dog. Dog games are even more amusing than the games you play with your friends.

#3. They Have Someone To Talk To

Dogs are also quite good listeners, well mostly because they do not have a choice. Surprisingly, a kid can tell anything to his dog without the fear of being judged. At times when the parents are occupied and friends won’t understand, the dog turns out to be the best confidant for the child.

#4. Allow You To Be Creative

Your dog will not protest to any kind of harmless makeover or dressing spree you subject him to. You can be as creative as you want while you are with your dog. He might also support you while you pursue your hobbies.

#5. Your Child Will Become Responsible

Since a dog requires constant care, you might end up becoming responsible at a tender age. Keeping a track of his food, bathing routine, walk times, and possible health issues is quite a lot of work to do.

#6. For Unconditional Love

The best thing about keeping a dog is that he will shower you with unconditional love. No matter how mean you get to him, he will not stop loving you. As a kid, you will always have someone to look up to on days when you find the world mean. This keeps you from growing up to be a bitter person.

#7. Nap Gets Better

Kids love afternoon naps more than anyone else in the world and nap time becomes even more rejuvenating when you have a perfectly soft cuddle buddy.

#8. They Watch TV With You

The best thing about having a dog is that they do not leave you alone while you have decided to binge watch television. Dogs will show a keen interest in your favorite shows, which is something you rarely find.

#9. For Comforting Hugs

At times when you are happy or sad or neither, you can get the most comforting of hugs from your dog. After all, nobody needs reasons for hugs, right?

#10. A Pleasant Stroll

A dog can do the miraculous thing which even a family cannot do these days, that is to get a kid outdoors. For a kid who loves playing video games at home, you do not give a second thought when you need to take your dog for a walk.

We would love to hear from you. Tell us more reasons why children should have a dog. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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Yes, They Are A Wonderful Companion

Dogs are the best confidants a kid can ever get. 

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