An Essential Checklist For Traveling With Pets

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An Essential Checklist For Traveling With Pets

Are you all geared up for the vacation? Excited about taking your pet along? We know how rewarding it feels to holiday with your pet and not leave it behind at the boarding. But, wait a minute, are you sure everything’s been taken care of? 

Have you made sure all of your pet’s requirements are planned? Go through the following checklist to ensure a safe journey for your pet. Here's what you must keep in mind:


#1. Pet-Friendly Transportation

Make sure whichever transportation facility you choose is reserved in advance. It should be pet-friendly and easily accommodate the needs and comforts of your four legged friend.

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#2. Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Pre-book the lodging options for a trouble free experience upon reaching your destination.

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#3. Vet visit

Get your pet updated on all its vaccinations. Also, get them checked for any existing illness. Let this be a general check up before travel!

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#4. Identity Tag

A sturdy card for the pet with your name, contact number, and house address should be the priority. Also, fulfill the licensing requirements of the place you are traveling to.

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#5. Pet Bag Pack

Let that companion of yours have their luggage. Clothes, towels, tooth paste and brush, food and water bowls and most importantly, poop picker and poop bags. You could also pack some grooming tools like combs, nail cutter, bed sheet, a blanket, and newspapers to stay safe.

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#6. Identify Local Vets

It is important to be aware of the veterinarians around you so that you can rush your pet to the vet for immediate care in the case of an emergency.Related image

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#7. Food Kit

Ensure a sufficient supply of both dry and wet food items is packed for your furry friend. Pile up their favorite treats and emergency snacks to keep them content during the trip.

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#8. First Aid Kit

Pack the essentials: 

Disposable gloves, anti-fungal creams, antiseptics, bandages, tweezers, scissor, first aid tape, cotton, wet tissues or small size hand towels and medicines that you think would be required.

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#9. Are The Records There?

A copy of their health record is a must. Carry all the certificates and other mandatory documents to ensure their journey is smooth and free of hurdles.

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#10. Toys For Entertainment

Pack their favorite time pass toys. Why should they miss out on the fun when bored?

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#11. Leash/ Harness

A durable leash is what you really need. If you have a large pet, get them a harness. Make sure to carry additional ones too!

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#12. Crate

This doesn’t just come handy while traveling via air but otherwise as well. Certain pets get furious while traveling. The box might keep it in place and secure them from external dangers.

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#13. Bedding

They might be in an equal need of a comfortable bed. Thus, do not embark on a journey without their cozy beds. 

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#15. Relaxation Breaks

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Plan for stops if you are traveling via road. Give your pet the required stretching time.

#16. Keep Them Hydrated

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Pets need more attention when it comes to staying hydrated. Keep feeding them the required amount of water in regular intervals.

#17. Are You Having Fun?

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Make sure to not assume it just as a responsibility to move about with your pet. Enjoy the time with them and together you can explore an altogether different kind of a world.

Have any more suggestions or opinions? Share with us through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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