What do Ducks Eat?

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What do Ducks Eat?

Have you been fondling with the idea of raising ducks? We would say, just go for it. Ducks are cute and extremely funny. Ever saw a ducks eat? The to and fro movement of their neck to eat the little crumbs of bread or tiny seeds is an amusing view.

Though petting ducks aren't that difficult a task, certain awareness in terms of what ducks eat and drink will only make things easier.

Feeding your duck might get a little tricky if you are not sure about their food habits. Over feeding a duck can result in excess waste, which means that your house will become their pooping ground. Would you want that to happen? We are sure you wouldn’t.

So, here’s an overview of their food habits which includes the DO’S and DON’T’S to keep in mind while feeding your duck.

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Food items that contain the desirable (as per the bird’s body) amounts of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are great for their healthy growth and development. Ducks are omnivores birds which mean you can experiment with their supper and include meals ranging from natural insects and mollusks to seeds and grains.

The best food to offer to your duck includes:

- Cracked corn

- Wheat or barley

- Uncooked Oats

- Cooked or uncooked Rice

- Milo seed

- Birdseeds

- Chopped Grapes

- Nut hearts

- Frozen peas or corn

- Earthworms

- Mealworms

- Chopped lettuce

- Vegetable peels

Duck feed pellets is a great option too and can be purchased from any nearby farming or agricultural supply stores.

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- Stop feeding the birds with foods items like bread, chips, crackers, donuts, cereal, popcorn because they have low nutrient value and are often found to be unhealthy for them. Feeding the ducks with bread and harm the baby ducks.

- Ducks should not be fed with spoiled or moldy products; they can be fatal for them.

- Do not surround your ducks with any kinds of litter which includes bags, twist ties, plastic clips and any other scraps.

- Do not let your kids disturb the birds, particularly the baby ducks. It could stress them out.

- Do not leave any leftovers; they could invite unwanted rodents and pests.

- Do not over feed your ducks; it could cause them health issues.

Make sure that whatever food you include in your duck’s diet it should firstly it should come out of the list of ‘what ducks can easily eat and drink,' secondly make sure that you break the food into bite-sized pieces to make sure that they don’t end up choking themselves.

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They might not appear to be scary, but ducks can get aggressive, especially in the case of geese or swan. Maintain a distance while you feed them.

The diet of a duck may vary on certain factors. Some of these factors that can affect a duck’s food habits are:

- Species

- Season

- Range

- Habitat

- Feeding Style

Feeding ducks are nothing less of an enchanting experience. You can avoid harming your favorite waterfowls by feeding them with a nutritious and responsible diet.

Do you like feeding ducks at the local parks or pools? Let us know in the comment section below.

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