Can Guinea Pigs eat Cucumbers?

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Can Guinea Pigs eat Cucumbers?

The question regarding guinea pigs and their diet has been doing rounds worldwide for a quite some time. The chubby and furry animals are so cute that you love spoiling them, don’t you? While coming up with new types of foods for your little pet, you might have asked yourself the aforementioned question over and again. 

Do you want to know the answer? It is, of course, a YES. There is no valid reason as to why these small pigs can’t eat the watery stuff. But as you know, everything comes with limitations?

Let’s begin to understand them. Are you ready?

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber?

A big ‘YES’ to the question asked. It is highly advised due to its watery sound content particularly in the summers when they are under blistering heat. So, a small cucumber party for your small friend could make its day. It also won’t feel dehydrated if cucumbers are given as occasional treats. Consider feeding cucumber only three to four times a week and that too only one or two slices. Over-consumption can lead to diarrhea and vomiting in cavies.

Is The Skin Of The Cucumber Good For Guinea Pigs?

The answer totally depends on certain factors. In case, the skin of the cucumber is not waxed then you don’t need to peel it as they are safe for consumption for your pigs. But do you know waxed cucumbers peels contain pesticides? Therefore, it is advised not to serve it to your pigs. One sound advice we can give you is to serve cucumbers which are pesticide free.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat The Seeds Of The Cucumber?

Your small pigs are allowed to eat the seeds provided they are soft and moist. Also, there are no chances of choking in opposition to seeds of other veggies and fruits, so don’t worry! Just let them eat the way they want!

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Cucumber Juice?

No, he surely can’t drink cucumber juice as it will hurt their sensitive stomach and might cause from mild to severe type of ingestion.  Fresh water supply can work as a replacement.

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Disadvantages Of Cucumber

Though they contain vitamin A and C, it can also lead to detrimental ingestion if large portions are fed to your little friend. Also, you must know that cucumbers don’t serve the purpose of complete nutrition for the pigs as compared to other vegetables.

Due to its high water content, eating a humungous amount of cucumber on a daily basis may cause bloating, gas or diarrhea in them. You must know that their digestive system is way too sensitive and usually any treat given without supervision can land them into a trouble bubble!

They are approved as tasty treats only when given on some occasions to spoil their cavy when you feel like doing so.  On the other hand, vegetables are the sole treats that help your friend from getting bored while getting all the nutrients at the same time.

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