What you need to know about Dogs with Braces?

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What you need to know about Dogs with Braces?

Braces are not really a teenagers favorite thing to wear; they make them look and feel awkward. The idea of wearing the metallic braces in their mouth is not something that would make you grin goofily, but there is one adorable face that just did that and won the internet.

This face is that of Wesley, a golden retriever, a cute looking pooch that got braces and is showing them off to the world without any apprehensions.

The Pooch With Braces 

It is veterinarian Dr. James Moore in Spring Lake, Michigan who gave this cute puppy an orthodontia that got the world talking. Wesley is a 6-month-old gorgeous puppy who belongs to the veterinarian’s daughter Molly Moore who noticed how her pooch had difficulties opening its mouth and eating food. Its inability to close his mouth and chew food properly was affecting the retriever's health and making it weak and lethargic.

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Can Dogs Wear Braces 

You might be surprised by the picture of this pooch wearing braces but the truth is that dogs have been undergoing this process since the 1980s. Back then Veterinary dentists used braces and many other orthodontic instruments to treat dogs who were suffering from painful and even dangerous dental issues. Though the tools that are used on the animals are the same that is used on humans, the goal is completely different. The reason why dogs are provided with braces is not for any aesthetic reason but to ensure that the animal has no difficulty biting and chewing.

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According to Dr. Donnell Hansen, a veterinary dentist and oral surgeon at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Minnesota, this is not a task that is to be taken lightly. One has to be considerate about a lot many things before considering getting their dogs to wear the metallic braces.Firstly the pooch has to be healthy enough to undergo the process which requires administering anesthesia and should be able to tolerate pokings and prodding that is required during the procedure. Also, it requires a lot of work from the side of the owner who has to assure that the pet's mouth is maintained and cleaned every day. Though this option of braces is not mandatory if your fur pal is facing problems then this can be the best solution available.

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Health Problems That Can Be Tackled With Braces 

Braces can be useful for a lot of problems that can range somewhere between crowded teeth in dogs to cancer. The most common condition though that dogs face and which can be corrected with braces is linguoversion. This is when the teeth are pushed back towards the tongue and when this occurs on the lower teeth, it is called base narrow. This condition is severely uncomfortable for the dog as the teeth may rub against the roof of the mouth and in case this creates a hole in that area, it can lead to a chronic and serious sinus infection. From crooked teeth to removal of part of the jaw due to cancer, braces have many uses. Their function is to get a dog’s mouth healthy and functional.  

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Braces or not, dogs are simply a bundle of fun and joy, and there are numerous reasons why every family should have one.  Are you a dog lover and does your pooch face any problem eating or chewing? If it does, now would be the right time to consult the veterinarian and get your adorable pet a set of braces that can make him lead a healthy and fun-filled life. Leave us your suggestion on this topic using the comment box that is given below. 

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