Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

Dogs are the most wonderful and adorable companion that a person can ever have. They make your life all the more beautiful and every pet owner knows that taking care of their pooch is really important.

In order to look after your pet, you need to assure that he is taken to the vet on a regular basis and is groomed but there is another thing that pet owners need to care about. You need to make sure that you don’t feed your dog something which can harm him. One such food item that most people are skeptical of is eggs, and many dog owners often wonder if dogs can eat eggs without any ill effects.

Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

The simple answer to the question that can dog eat eggs is yes, dogs can eat eggs, and there are all the more reasons why you should add eggs to your dog’s meal. They are a complete source of nutrition as eggs are packed with every requirement for the chick growing inside it. They are also one of the best sources of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Eggs contain nearly every vitamin and protein such as vitamin A, riboflavin, folate, vitamin b12, iron, selenium and fatty acids.

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Often dog owners are advised not to give their young and old pets with eggs as the white portion contains enzyme inhibitors which can interfere with digestion. This just means that egg should not be the main meal but rather a part of it. You can try feeding your dogs egg for a few weeks, and if he shows no sign of stomach upset, then you can safely make eggs a regular in the meal.

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Can Dogs Eat Eggs Raw? 

It is generally considered that if you cook an egg and feed it to your dog, then most of the nutritional value will be lost. So, it is advisable to feed your dog raw eggs as it would be packed with all the important nutrients that the pooch needs.

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Can Dogs eat Eggshells? 

The very surprising answer to this query is a yes. If you feed your dog eggs with the eggshells on then it becomes a complete food source for the dog. What you can do is simply dry the shell and then grind it into powder and sprinkle it over the meal. Though make sure that you are going for an organic egg as the other ones are sprayed with chemicals to give them a shiny look. Dogs can eat eggs with cheese but they are too loaded with calories and even eggs with bacon are safe for dogs.

So, do you feed eggs to your dogs? Tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your opinions and views!

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