Can Dogs eat Grapes?

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Can Dogs eat Grapes?

The question constantly plagues all dog lovers as to which food products are good enough for their furkid. No one wants to see their poodle fall sick or react badly to something.

This is exactly why it's important to know which food product is not good for your dog. One such food product that should not be given to dogs are grapes.

Are Grapes Bad For Your Dog?

According to veterinarians, grapes are harmful to dogs and can cause kidney failure. This might be simple enough reason as to why one should never give grapes to a dog. Even one or two grapes are given to a dog can cause him to fall severely ill or even in some cases die. Though it's not sure whether this is some new problem or that it existed long before but is steadily coming to light all thanks to the database that was constructed 25 years ago.

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Still, the number of cases of dogs falling severely ill after consuming grapes are on the rise. Though despite various studies that have been conducted it is still unclear as to what makes the pooch react so badly to grapes. Pesticides, heavy metals, and fungi have been completely ruled out as the reason though.

While that particular component of grape that leads to toxicity and such a strong reaction is unclear, yet it is a fact that the fruit is harmful to dogs. Strangely enough, though some dogs remain unaffected by grape poisoning and that is believed to be due to a genetic variant that makes some dog immune to its effects.

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Are Raisins Good For Dogs?

Now if you are thinking that raisins might serve as a good alternative to grapes, you may be in some for some surprise. Since raisins are more concentrated than grapes, they are likely to be more harmful. Thus, if you love your dog, which we are hoping you do then, it best to never feed it with grapes or raisins.

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Symptoms Of Grape Poisoning

In case you have fed your dog with grapes without knowing about its harmful effects or you have an over-inquisitive dog who goes about eating what it can get its paw on, then watch out for signs of grape poisoning. Though it would be all the more advisable to just directly take the dog to a doctor these signs are not be neglected 

#1.Vomiting and diarrhea 

#2.Heavy panting

#3.Dry nose and mouth

#4.Light gums

Wondering if your dog can eat egg or apples. Share your feedback using the comment box below. 

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