Can Dogs eat Strawberries?

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Can Dogs eat Strawberries?

Hot weather shows that there is a multitude of fresh vegetables and sumptuous fruits for everybody including our dogs! Thus, it might be difficult to figure out which fruits or vegetables are fit to feed your canines. But, one question every dog owner seems to be asking' Can dog eat strawberries?'

Here's a hint! Grapes and raisins are a no-no for your dog! But that’s not all! You can surely serve one delicious fruit to your loyal friend that is none other than strawberries. Yes, you guessed it right! Your canine can binge on strawberries without any regret! Although, you are not allowed to feed him fruits put in cans. They can be dangerous to your friend’s health!

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You must know that the fruit strawberry is just not a sweet snack for your canine, by providing your dog with berries; you are actually encouraging him to stay healthy and fit. It later helps in aging, makes the immune system strong and also aids in weight management.  His teeth are saved by eliminating high fat, snacks full of salt from his diet.

Since, you know that you can give berries to your dogs to binge on, what is the secure way to initiate it? Well, well, well. It is advised that you cut the fruit in little slices to prevent your dog from choking. It also makes digestion easier. For small dogs, it is recommended to mash the berries or translate them into a puree form and put them in their food which they normally binge on.

If you ever wish to add any food to your canine’s diet, it’s a secure idea to give a call to your veterinarian before adding berries to their everyday food. Once you start adding berries to his food, stay observant!  Begin with serving small quantities and look for any changes in his behavior or any problems he must be facing with his digestive system.

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If you notice something unusual then stop right away to save its life! Also, you must know that every food in moderation is good for your dog. Anything in excess could be harmful to its health.

And by chance, you are thinking what to feed to your dogs to keep them safe and healthy, here is a list of other fruits apart from berries:
#1.    Frozen bananas
#2.    Watermelon (remove the seeds)
#3.    Apples (eliminate the seeds and the core)
#4.    Blueberries
#5.    Cantaloupe

Hope this article helped you in understanding how to serve your dog!

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