Can Dogs eat Watermelon & Watermelon Rind?

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Can Dogs eat Watermelon & Watermelon Rind?

‘Can dogs eat watermelon?’ is something which bothers every individual who owns a dog.  We will solve out the mystery for you! Are you somebody who derives pleasure from bingeing on a juicy fresh slice of watermelon?  Also, have you ever thought if you canine would like to munch down one slice too? 

Now, let’s face it together! Everybody likes the taste of the succulent watermelons, and it comes as no surprise if your pup looks at you with those innocent eyes for a slice of this tender and tasty fruit. But, let’s see how good watermelons are for dogs?

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Is Watermelon Not A Good Fruit For Canines?

The fruit isn’t always safe for animals such as dogs( to eat like many other human super foods. Did you know that watermelon seeds don’t go well with dogs? If a canine eats a good amount of seeds of the watermelon, then he can face dire consequences of the blockage in his intestine. And, the situation can get even worse if a veterinarian doctor is not consulted on an immediate call.

Watermelon can be made safe for dogs with a little sound preparation. Let’s see how! Remove the seeds from the watermelon and feed him in moderation. Also, do not forget that watermelon along with other fruits consists of high sugar which isn’t good for your four legged friends. So, be cautious before feeding them in a large amount.  A lot of sugar can cause an ache in your dog’s stomach.

If we look at the flip side of the coin, it is extremely good to feed your dog with watermelon due to its rich and sweet water content to keep your dog hydrated. Also, it is a stock of nutrients that you and your dog can rely on. They are an amazing source of vitamins such as A, C, and Potassium. A is good for his vision at night and to keep his skin healthy. C could be sound for aged dogs to boost their immune system as their liver is unable to formulate a lot of this vitamin naturally. Lastly, potassium is good for your dog’s heart. Deficiency of the same can cause heart attacks.

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Let’s Also Find Out Whether They Can Eat Watermelon Rinds Or Not?

Can eatwatermelon? The answer to the question is strictly a NO-NO.

Permitting your dog to binge on the rind of watermelon may lead to terrible aches in his stomach. They are not suitable to digest the seeds of this fruit just like humans. So, be aware of all the precautions before feeding a fruit to your dog!

Let Us Look At Some Fun Facts From ‘National Watermelon Promotional Board’(NWPB)!

#1. It usually takes a watermelon three months to grow from planting to harvest.

#2. Citrullus lanatus is another science related name for watermelon.

#3. Did you know that seedless watermelons were developed fifty years ago? They have no mature and black seeds as we know today. But, you might find something more exciting that is white seed coats without being mature.

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