What to bring when Hiking with Dogs?

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What to bring when Hiking with Dogs?

Dogs are the most adorable and fun companion to be around. They are full of happiness and a bundle of never ending energy that just never seems to vanish. So, who could be a better companion for a hiking trip then these fur friends?

Hiking with dogs can be a great idea as your partner blessed with stamina and a keen sense of smell would want to explore everything. Though dogs are not the same as humans, luckily, but that also means special precautions and arrangements that you need to make for this trip. So, let's take a look at what to take when hiking with a dog.

Hiking With Dogs 

What can serve as a better stress buster and rejuvenator than hiking with dogs? Being in nature and exploring your way through natural scenery along with your fur pal makes for a great experience but keep certain things in mind. Firstly make sure that your dog is healthy enough for such a strenuous journey, a dog that is old or is suffering from an ailment is not suitable for a hiking trip. Also, make sure that you are not pushing your dog too much and make an honest assessment of how much can the dog really walk. Another factor to keep in mind is the weather as not all dogs can suitably adapt in every weather. If your dog is not very mountain savvy and even if he is, make sure the weather is not too hot and humid for your precious pooch. Also, take this trip only if your dog is well trained otherwise avoid it altogether.

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What To Bring When Hiking With Dogs 

There are certain essentials that you need to carry if you are planning to go on a hiking trip with your dog. The things that you must have on you during this adventurous journey are:

#1. Doggie Backpack 

Just like you, your four legged pal needs his or her supplies during the trip as well. So, don’t go on any hiking trip without a doggy backup which has food, water, and other gear. Dogs have no trouble wearing a backup and if you want one that looks pretty then you can even go for a designed one though honestly, your dog won’t care. The important thing here is to make sure that they are snug and not overloaded. The general rule is 1 pound in the pack per 20 pounds of dog.

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#2.  First Aid Kit And Extra Food

It is also important to carry a first aid kit on such trips not just for yourself but also your dog. The furry pal accompanying you is more prone to injury, bee stings, and other traumas. Another good step for preparation would be to take a canine first aid course and do some research on this subject. Also, carry a lot more food as well as treats during such trips as your dog will be burning more calories than he or she normally does. Keep treats that give quick energy and such treats are also packed with nutrition unlike the snacks consumed by humans.

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#3. Water Bowl And Water Supply

Just because it is a hiking trip does not mean that there will be plenty of water available everywhere. Dogs are susceptible to waterborne diseases, and you surely don’t want your pooch to suffer. So keep the dog well hydrated throughout the journey.

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#4. Insect Repellent And Dog Booties

It is important that you carry an insect repellant on you during such trips but make sure that your pet is not allergic to it. Also, make sure that you apply it to places he/she can’t lick. Get a pair of dog booties as the trail can be rough.

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Train your dog well before any such trip and let us know in the comment box below of how the experience was. 

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Yes, If You Have Covered All The Basic Requirments

Taking your dog on a trekking adventure sound like a great idea but not to be ignored here the things that need to be taken care of to ensure your as well as your pet's safety. Besides carrying enough supply for yourself, if you are hiking alone, you also have to carry things that your pet might need while traversing peaks and valleys. 

Pets can even help you in the sojourn by keeping wild animals at bay and helping you in carrying your stuff. Also, trained pets have even proven to be life savers for many people who got stuck in life-threatening situations. So, I say you take your dog with you on your trekking adventures but only after making sure that your pet is up for the task. 

Yes, If You Have Covered All The Basic Requirments

You go for hiking in order to be close to nature and to avoid the daily hustle bustle of the city life and what better companion for such an outing than your adorable pooch. I love the idea of being in a clean environment, surrounded by trees and having no one else but my dog around. If your dog is up for it and if such trips won't be exhausting for him then you should take him out provided that you have all the basic requirements with you. Food and drinks are essential and also make sure you carry a leash as dogs mainly operate on a sense of smell and can sometimes get carried away and go off trail. Make sure the hiking trip is not very exhaustive for the animal and it does not take a toll on his health. Keep feeding him water and allow him to cool off in streams as well. Also, don't forget to make the most of this time 

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