How to House Train your Dog?

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How to House Train your Dog?

House training a puppy or you can say puppy training sessions are quite mandatory. these should be started from the age of 3-4 months. But if house soiling becomes a problem in the later years, dogs land up in shelters. Somehow it isn't their fault!. 

If he/ she isn't a potty trained puppy/ dog and keeps destroying the house, accept the fact that he wasn't taught well. So to make sure everyone including the puppy lives a happy life, here are ways how to potty train your dog and also how to train a puppy both indoors and outdoors.

How To Potty Train Your Dog?

#1. Proper Scheduling

Potty training a puppy requires stern effects. Pups have tiny bladders - things just go in and come out. So you need to ensure making a schedule that also considers his/ her personal needs. Take the pup outside in the morning, after eating, after playing, right after drinking and at night or after nap time.

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#2. Diet Control

Dog potty training also depends on the feeding schedule you set for your dog. You need to keep a check on your pup's diet and break the feedings into three times a day. Don't overfeed but also don't under feed. Proper diet is a part of house training a puppy.

#3. Praise, Don't Gaze.

Scolding puppies for something they shouldn't have done get them stressed. And resorting to old-school punishment methods like rubbing their nose in the poop is highly immoral. Instead, praise them for all the little things they perform right. And when you're taking preventive measures, bad encounters can be avoided. Keep in mind that accidents are bound to happen. Don’t fuss over it! Crate training is also another method of dog/ puppy training. 

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#4. Paper Training Always Comes Handy

How to potty train a dog? Make use of newspapers and teach your dog to defecate at a particular spot only. Puppies get in the habit of relieving themselves in places where they've already been before.

House Training A Puppy

#1. Take your dog outside as and when required. Make it a habit to find the time and stick to the schedule.

#2. Maintaining a feeding schedule is also important. Free feeding isn't the way how to train a puppy. It also helps you predict their defecation and urination time.

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#3. Positively supervise your dog during indoor training. Make sure you also maintain an upper hand to develop that authority.

#4. Make use of sprays that help eliminate any kind of scents.

#5. Consistently reward your dog for good behavior during the training sessions.

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#6. Dogs don't respond well to punishments. Scaring them isn't a good idea.

#7. Maintain a lighter tone and keep repeating words that you want them to learn.  "Sit, go potty, good doggy" are words they start comprehending once you relate them to particular actions and provide treats thereafter.

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