How to crate train an older dog?

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How to crate train an older dog?

Do you how to crate train an older dog? It is a very valid question because many people are searching for a convincing answer to this question. Are you finding it really difficult to create train your dog? If your older dog is not following your commands and not getting into his/her crate in spite of your repeated commands, you need to follow these simple steps to find a solution to this problem.

Make sure that you are not building up any negative feelings in the mind of the dog about the crate
You should never think that senior dogs can be crate trained immediately. The most important thing to realize is that each dog is unique and different and, some dogs can be taken to confinement within a few hours while some others may take a few days or even a week to follow your crate training instructions. Many people commit the mistake of just pushing the dog inside and they close the door and walk away.

It cannot be described as proper crate training because such a method of approach creates negative feelings in the mind of the dog towards the crate. You must not allow the dog to build up any negative feelings towards the crate. All interactions should be kept light-hearted and positive and, you need to patient with your efforts. 

Prepare your dog properly for crate training
You need to prepare your dog well before the crate training. It is always advisable to exercise your older dog with a long walk just before crate training and such an approach drain the excess energy of your dog. You should also take him/her to the bathroom so that the training is not interrupted with a potty break.

Be patient with your efforts
You must understand that adult dogs might have spent years without entering a crate and they may come up with a lot of resistance during the create training. You have to be extremely patient with your senior dog and it is always advisable to focus on the process without getting bothered about immediate results.

Take the dog near to the crate and offer treats
You can give your dog a treat just outside the crate and it is being done to make the dog familiar with what it tastes like.

Throw the treat into the crate
After allowing the dog to taste the treat outside the crate, it should be thrown into the crate. The primary purpose of this method is to make your dog associate the crate with positive feelings. That is exactly why you should throw the treat into the crate. Over a period, your dog will identify the crate as a place where good things happen and the fear of entering the crate subsides naturally.

Make the dog feel comfortable
Senior dogs love a place where they can sit or lie down in a comfortable and relaxed manner. Placing a blanket inside the carpet sends the message that it is a resting place and you should leave the door open so that your dog can come and go as they wish.

Close the door for a short period
When you identify that your older dog is comfortable inside the crate, you should give a treat or toy to make him/her engaged inside the crate. After a few minutes, you must close the door for short intervals like 5 or 10 minutes. Whenever you shut the door, you must stay close by and visible.

Gradually, the door can be closed for longer duration and you can leave the room to create the impression that he/she is still safe. If you persist with these types of methods, the dog will accept the crate willingly and crate training for adult dogs becomes a hassle free process.

Most dogs grow to love their crate and they walk into it whenever they need a nap or rest. You can expect this thing to happen only when the dogs are properly crate trained at a younger age itself. If your older dog is not familiar with proper crate training, you should start the training slowly and all interactions should be kept light-hearted fun and positive as well.

You need to patient with your efforts and it is always to create situations so that the dog can associate the crate with positive feelings. Such a method of approach always guarantees excellent results.

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Its wring to first get a pet and then take away their basic freedom.

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