What is 'Does the Dog Die' Website?

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What is 'Does the Dog Die' Website?

For those of us who love our gore and extreme violence, they can easily withstand any bloodshed filled scene. Though even the strongest cannot bear one particular scene where everyone breaks down, and that is when a dog dies. Watching any movie that has our wonderful furry friend, we are always plagued with anxiety that does the dog die. The moment some harm comes to any adorable pooch on TV, the water works begin, and we constantly are on the lookout for warning signs that a dog is dying to see if any harm awaits the puppy.

Now, if you are among those dog lovers that just cannot bear to see any dog get injured or hurt in a movie, then you don’t have to bite your nails over it. There is a special site that goes by the name of 'Does the Dog Die, ' and it is something that all dog lovers that are movie addicts need to know of.

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The site understands that the most important question for all dog lovers is to know that does the dog die in the end or is it a happy ending. All thanks to this site one never mislead by a trailer as it was in the case of 'Marley & Me.' 

The site 'Does the Dog Die' has a compilation of hundreds of movies and categorizes them in different options. These options give a viewer clues on the fate that awaits the pooch in the film. The options are 'No pets die, ' or 'a pet is injured or appears dead but ultimately lives'. These save the viewer from the pain that one has to go through as they sit through a movie waiting for those warning signs before a dog dies. The site has a huge collection of movies and answers the most important question of all which is ‘does the dog die.'

The site works as a great reference tool when you want to sit down on the weekend and wish to catch up on a movie without getting all depressed by the ending. The site has 649 movies currently and keeps adding more movies along with some top trending ones. If you click on the movie, it will give you a detailed explanation of what happens to the pet but watch out as the spoilers will reveal more about the film than you cared to know.

In case you are gearing up to cuddle on your sofa in front of the TV sets and are browsing on Netflix for a good pooch friendly movie then you need to visit ‘Does the Dog Die’ once. You can find great movie options on the site and meanwhile here is a list of movies that you need to check out if you love dogs:

#1. Independence Day

Aliens invade our planet and a lot of people lose their lives, a lot of devastation and chaos occurs, buildings tumble but the adorable golden lab makes it.

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#2. Payback

Again this Mel Gibson thriller has a pooch named Porter who despite taking a bullet makes it.

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#3. There’s Something About Mary

This romantic comedy has maintained the golden rule that never kills a dog.

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#4. Beethoven

A movie that revolves around a big fur baby and no harm comes upon him; this is every dog lovers dream movie to watch.

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#5. The Truth About Cats And Dogs

Again a fantastic watch where dogs get to wag their furry tails all throughout the movie

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Surprisingly enough the stress is not just limited to humans but is felt by dogs too. Find for yourself if your pooch is stressed? Leave your feedback in the comment box below.

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