Horror-Struck! 9 Scary Movies Based On Real Life Stories

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Horror-Struck! 9 Scary Movies Based On Real Life Stories

Horror movies are designed to scare the audience by using supernatural elements and thrilling cinematography to send a chill down the spine.

Imagine if the fiction movie frightened you to that extent, what impact would it have when you learn about the fact that the story is a picturization of a real event Now, what would be scarier than the movie!

Here is a list of some nail bitingly scary movies that are based on real life stories. Prepare to get frightened!

#1. From Hell

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The movie, starring Johnny Depp, narrates the tale of an opium addicted investigator who is on a hunt for Jack-The Ripper. For those who are unaware of who Jack the-Ripper is, he was a serial killer with over five cases of murders filed against him in London during 1888. There is no certainty as to who Jack-The Ripper was, but theories from that era suggest the names of a variety of people from the city belonging to different classes and professions as the main accused.

#2. The Exorcist

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The movie that is known to be the scariest among them all is based on a true story. It narrates the horror tale of Roland Doe who was possessed by the demons in 1949. If the movie scared the guts out of you, imagine what would be the case be with the person who experienced it. Are you getting goose bumps already?

#3. The Possession

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The movie revolved around a box that imprisoned an evil spirit. Whoever owned the box was eventually possessed by the demon. As cliché as it may sound, it happened in the real world! Based on the Jewish belief that dybbuk is a spirit that can possess the living and usually resides in the box, there was an antique box that was sold on eBay. Whoever purchased the box experienced dark energy around them. This made them put the box on sale the next day itself. The multiple owners of the box reported unnatural sightings, haunted evening and even possession in some cases.

#4. Child’s Play

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With every horror movie possessing a doll or other toy, it became tough for most children to get attached to big dolls as they reminded them of the horror film. However, did you know that the doll also has a reference from the real world; probably that’s why it is used as a satanic symbol in movies. The story of the doll dates back to old times when a nurse had allegedly cursed the author Robert Eugene Otto and transformed one of his children into a doll. That’s spooky!

#5. The Conjuring

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The movie on paranormal activities is one of the scariest horror movies made until now. It narrates the tale of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigators who saved the real life Perron family from the possession of the malevolent spirit of a witch named Bathsheba Sheran who resided in the possessed house in the 19th century.

#6. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

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If the story of exorcism spooked you, wait till you hear the real life story behind the ‘Exorcism of Emily Rose.' The movie explores the tale of a young girl who was possessed by the evil demon, but no one took regard of that and instead blamed medical science for her death and booked the priest on charges of homicide. However, the story, in reality, is inspired by 1968 possession of a young 16-year-old girl who was believed to be under the curse for 7 years before two priests took 10 months long to perform the exorcism on her.

#7. The Serpent And The Rainbow

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The plot of the movie was not that complex. It revolved around the anthropologist who went to Haiti after he learned of a drug that was used by black magic practitioners to turn people into zombies. While the movie was about that, the actual story was about the Canadian scientist Wade Davis who wrote about the experiences with the process of zombification.

#8. The Amityville Horror

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Another movie based on the real life account of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s cases was 'The Amityville Horror.' It revealed the case of the Lutz family who was experiencing paranormal activity in the house that they had recently shifted to. It was later discovered that the house was host to a mass murder and since then, has become one the most haunted places in the world.

#9. Wolf Creek

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The movie narrated the story of the three backpackers who were befriended by a local as they got stranded in the Australia Outback. It was later learned that the local was indeed a psychopath who subjected the victims to hellish nightmare of unbearable torture. If that didn’t scare you, did you know that the movie was based on the real life story of two different serial killers in the 90s who were involved in the gruesome murders of hikers throughout the Australian outback? That’s creepy.

If you have more movies to add to the list, feel free to comment on the box below. Share your thoughts and opinions with us!

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