Top 10 Must-Watch Hollywood Biopics On Historical Personalities

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Top 10 Must-Watch Hollywood Biopics On Historical Personalities

Movies are not only a medium of entertainment; they are also a peak into the history, and who wouldn’t pick watching a historical drama over reading a lengthy novel. Right?

10 must watch Hollywood biopics on historical personalities

#10. Chaplin

Released: 1992

We start our best biopics of all time list with this Richard Attenborough-directed British-American comedy-drama about the comedian and one of the best-known personalities in the entertainment industry. Chaplin stars Robert Downey Jr. as the protagonist. Needless to say, the film was nominated for several BAFTA and Academy Awards as well as Golden Globes.

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#9. The Aviator

Released: 2004

From Gangs Of New York and The Departed to Shutter Island and The Wolf of Wall Street, whenever the duo, Martin Scorsese, and Lionardo Decaprio come together it creates a spectacle. The same thing happened when the two got together to make a film an epic which depicted the insecurities and vulnerabilities of Howard Hughes, a renowned businessman, pilot, investor, filmmaker, and philanthropist.

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#8. Nixon

Released: 1995

Though the film failed to create any magic at the box office, critics loved it and so did we. The legendary Anthony Hopkins plays the former US Presiden Richard Nixon, who is suffering in his political as well as his personal life. Among the best Hollywood biopic films on historical personalities, it is about the Watergate scandal which cost the great leader his presidency.

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#7. Frida

Released: 2002

Frida makes our list of 10 must watch Hollywood biopics on historical personalities, owing to Salma Hayek’s powerful acting and grand portrayal of the Mexica culture. For those who don’t know, Frida Kahlo was a self-portrait painter who lived from 1907-1954 and is considered among of the greatest Mexican artists, country’s most influential figures of the 20th century and an LGBTQ icon. Nominated in six categories, the movie was successful in taking home two Academy Awards- Best Music and Best Makeup.

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#6. The Imitation Game

Released: 2014

The movie gives a glimpse into the life of mathematician, cryptanalyst, computer scientist and World War II hero, Alan Turing. Turing played the key role in cracking Enigma, a device used by Nazis to crypt military communication, and how miserably he ended his life by committing suicide after being convicted of Gross Indecency for his homosexuality. The film grabbed several Academy Awards and Golden Globe nominations for the meticulous acting, screenplay, and direction.

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#5. Malcolm X

Released: 1992

Based on the life of the influential black leader, Malcolm who transforms from a small-time gangster into a human rights activist, the Spike Lee-directed Malcolm X is a visual treat for any movie buff. The strong performance by Denzel Washington as the lead character earned him an Academy Award nomination for best actor. The Fences-star had to put up his salary just so the film could be completed.

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#4. Goodfellas

Released: 1990

Martin Scorsese is undoubtedly one of the best directors in Hollywood, and Goodfellas is a feather in his hat. The movie follows Henry Hill, a New York City mobster and his rise and fall in the Italian-American crime syndicate. Powerful performances by Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Ray Liotta keep one engaged.

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#3. The King’s Speech

Released: 2010

The movie is based on a specific chapter of King George VI’s life when despite being second in line he was ascended to the throne and had to overcome his stammer and deliver a speech. The plot revolves around the relationship of friendship, which develops between the monarch of the United Kingdom and Lionel Logue, a speech therapist, and actor from Australia.

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#2. Schindler’s List

Released: 1993

The movie is based on the life of a German businessman, Oskar Schindler, who despite being a member of the Nazi party, turns his factory into refugee center for Jews, saving about 1100 people from being persecuted by the Nazi regime. This movie earned Steven Spielberg an Academy Award for his direction and is often listed as the best Hollywood biopic films ever made. Amusingly, Steven had asked the French-Polish director, Roman Polanski to direct the movie, who turned it down because of the subject being too personal.

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#1. Gandhi

Released: 1982

Undoubtedly, among the best biopics of all time is our number one pick for this list, Gandhi. The movie chronicles the life of Mohandas Gandhi, a lawyer who returns to his homeland India and commences a non-violent campaign to free his motherland from claws of the British. Ben Kingsley, who played the protagonist, received critical acclaim as well as several accolades for his performance. This Richard Attenborough-directed drama was nominated for a total of eleven Academy Awards, out of which it ended up bagging eight.

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While these are what we think are the ten must watch Hollywood biopics on historical personalities, we would love to know which one you think is the best. Cast your vote in the poll below and share your opinion.

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