National Men's Health Week: 7 Famous Celebrities Who Battled Depression & Came Out Winners

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National Men's Health Week: 7 Famous Celebrities Who Battled Depression & Came Out Winners

The term depression is a very dreaded term purely based on the social stigma that’s attached to the disease. Very rarely do people talk about this condition that plagues 350 million people worldwide and shockingly a large part of this substantial figure comprises of men. Contrary to what the general population believes, depression is not a disease strictly limited to women, the other half succumbs to it just as often.

According to a recent survey 1 in 8 men suffer from depression and 1 in 5 men are prone to anxiety. The symptoms of depression in men may not be similar to women and they are diagnosed differently:

Fatigue and oversleeping can be a sign of degrading mental health.

Fatigue has now been deemed as a regular part of life and rarely taken too seriously. A fast paced life has its own demerits and insomnia is one of them but unknown to many, these physical symptoms mirror a bad mental health as well. Slowed down physical movements, slurring of speech, a sluggish thought process and sleep problems are signs of depression setting in.

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Physical ailments

A number of physical ailments that are blamed on bad eating habits may have another root cause lurking behind shadows. Frequent constipation, headache, backache or diarrhea is a sign of depression. If you are a victim of chronic pain or digestive problems then the problem may not purely be physical.

Mood Swings

Yes, men get mood swings too and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. A man suffering from depression is prone to being irritable, may not be able to focus much and can have too frequent bouts of aggression.

Stressed out

Stress is a 6 letter poison that is consumed way too often and yet we feel we can deal with it. This slow killer coupled with anxiety is a short road that leads to depression.

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Sexual Dysfunction

One reason why you may have lost your desire and appetite for sex could very well be depression which is also often a cause of erectile dysfunction (ED).

There is absolutely no reason why men should suffer in silence and Men's Health Week which is primarily about generating awareness regarding men’s health, is the perfect occasion to shed some light on this topic. Our endeavor is to bring to you interesting and informative articles every day of this important week.

If you are still unsure of whether or not to voice out your own struggles with depression or grappling with the idea of being able to talk about this issue, take a look at some of your favorite stars and their battle with depression. With proper medication and therapy, they have come out as winners.

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock, an epitome of masculinity for many men, a wrestler who easily pins down his opponent and romances divas on screen suffered from depression. When at the age of 23 his Football career didn’t take off just as well as he had hoped, the star fell heavily into depression.

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Jon Hamm

When you see him portray the smug and handsome Don Draper in Mad Men, you wouldn’t have ever associated the word depression with him. The handsome star though has struggled with depression when he lost his father at 20 and is quite vocal about it. He still walks the dangerous fringes of this illness and had a stint in rehab as well.

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Stephen King

His pen emanates words that have grown a legion of fan following and he is considered to be one of the best writers of our generation. This intellectual mind has also spiraled down into the deep abyss of depression and has emerged out to talk about it to his readers and people in general. His letter to his 16-year-old self has more horrors than any of his stories.

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Freddie Flintoff

The former cricket star may have ruled the cricket pitch and continuous to have a great career playing in IPL but he has had a close brush with depression and subsequent addiction to alcohol. He later talked about his faltering mental and emotional health and explained how alcohol was an escape from his own mind and its dark thoughts.

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Ricky Williams

The American Football star was once deep into depression and had social anxiety disorder. He has talked about his battle with depression and blamed the social stigma attached to the disease to be a reason why he didn’t get help sooner.

(Image Courtesy: Sports Illustrated)

Stephen Fry

The star made it to the news because of his battle with depression but sadly it was only after a failed suicide attempt. He has talked in depth of his experiences and has since recovered from this illness.

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Owen Wilson

This laid-back, fun loving dude showed his darker side to the world when he had attempted suicide at his home in 2007 in California. His family and friends stood by him and he recovered after 11 weeks of therapy and medication.

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Depression is no different from any other disease. You will not refrain from getting yourself diagnosed if you had typhoid or jaundice then why not depression.

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