4 Top Reasons Why You Should Start Exercising With Earphones On

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4 Top Reasons Why You Should Start Exercising With Earphones On

Thanks to technology we have wireless earphones so we can no longer worry about tripping on our headphone wires while we are running or doing our workout. A plenty of research has proven that music can make you run better. Some prefer not to use music while working out but if you have never tried it or if you’re one of the people who like to run with their music on, then let’s get started on our list why you should. 

1. Music Sets the Pace

Music does really help set the pace whether you are running in the morning or at night. If you are just walking or doing relaxing runs, pick an easy relaxing song to listen to. For more serious and faster runs, choose a swift-paced music that will help you to get quicker. A research project at John Moores University was conducted where 12 people were asked to ride their bikes for 30 minutes while listening to a song of their own choice. Then on the second trial, rode their bikes again with a song of their own choice, take note that the tempo here either increases or decreases by 10% without them knowing. Results showed that those riders who rode their bikes with a slower tempo of music have a lower heart rate and mileage while those who have a higher heart rate and distance enjoyed their music at a faster tempo.

You can try to create your own playlist depending on the pace you want. Choose tracks that should mean something to you. If you are going for a tough interval session then select a song that you think you can perform well with.

2. Music Motivates You

Music is an influential tool for motivating you to run with more speed and endurance as well as getting you into an upbeat mood. For a more drive, choosing an upbeat tempo with propelling lyrics that trigger positive emotions will make you feel pleasant.

According to a psychology researcher, Costas Karageorghis, music can either make you try harder or reduce your idea how hard you have to work. "Hearing music you associate with peak performance will fire areas of the brain that deal with your long-term memory. It can inspire you and help you shift up a gear," he says. Music can greatly influence how you feel, it lessens the pain and can motivate you to continue.

3. Music Inspires You

Music can inspire you to go on longer workouts. You might not even notice that the miles you are running are increasing because you are enjoying the rhythm. What you can do best is to create a playlist in which it’s the equivalent of the length of time you want to run for, that way you can measure and determine where to stop or to keep going.

4. Music Fights Boredom

Getting bored for running the same route over and over again? Aside from changing the location, you are sprinting, you can listen to music to take you away from it. Try using Spotify with your wireless earphones! There are plenty of great playlists that adapt and change according to your running places.

We all have our own preferences. If you love music and hate exercising but want to start getting fit, I am sure music can help you to run! I suggest that you start investing in high-quality wireless earphones because exercising with enjoyment can really make a big difference in your life.

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