Rock salt-the wonder salt

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Rock salt-the wonder salt

Rock salt is an unprocessed pure salt considered as one of the best salts in Ayurveda. It acts from top to toe both internally and externally. Its benefits range from being a part of tooth powder to a great moisturiser to the skin and hair. It has its own benefits when consumed too. 


Benefits of rock salt

1. Tooth powder 

When mixed with dried powders of gooseberry, lemon peel and clove acts as the best and cheapest tooth powder. It is a natural whitener and so removes the yellowish tinge on the teeth. It cures bleeding gums too.

2. Sore throat

When gargled with warm water, takes care of sore throat, dry cough, etc.

3. Sinus infections

A natural cure for sinus infections.

4. Natural antioxidant

It is one of the best antioxidants available these days. When consumed takes care of cancer and wins the fight over the cancerous cells.

5. Normalises hypertension

It balances hypertension and hypotension thus stabilising the blood pressure,

6. Stomach ailments

It is a natural cure for any infection in the body especially in the stomach. It also improves the digestive system and boosts the immunity as well.

7. Disturbed sleep pattern

It is a very busy and fast world, and so sleep disorders have become an ordinary part of life to many. The best medicine would be rock salt. Keep aside the usual salt that we have been using and change to this wonder salt and one can notice a calmer and peaceful sleep slowly engulfing the person.

8. Weight reduction

As it improves the metabolism, the person becomes more fresh and active, thus gets into an active healthy lifestyle, and hence excess weight gets reduced.

9. Skin care

It is a superb skin care scrub. Mix rock salt with olive oil and coconut oil. Apply all over the skin where there is dryness and just like magic, the skin becomes super soft and tender as it exfoliates dead cells and rejuvenates formation of new skin cells.

10. Hair therapy

When applied and massaged gently all over the scalp, it moisturises and induces hair growth.

11. Foot expert

When the feet are immersed in warm water mixed with rock salt, it removes the tiredness in the body and pain in the feet, especially ideal for sportsmen.

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