How does addition of salt make the food sweeter and tastier?

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How does addition of salt make the food sweeter and tastier?

Salt is a natural taste enhancer. It adds flavor to every dish and makes it tastier. But did you know that apart from increasing the delicacy of your meals, salt can also make your dish taste sweeter? Yes, it's true. It's often believed that salt can only make food salty. But, the fact is that salt not only adds taste to your food but also makes it sweeter. A little pinch of salt can add sweetness to your dishes.

Do you eat fruits? Have you ever noticed that whenever you add salt to any fruit the addition makes the fruit taste sweeter. In fact, the addition of salt enhances its sweetness. Salt makes tasteless food tasty and relishing. The same happens when you consume caramel with a little salt. In many regions people who suffer from diabetes add salt instead of sugar to enjoy the sweetness of their meals. Salt not only adds sweetness to the fruits but also ensures a healthy diet. Salt contains sodium chloride ions that mix with the acid in any food and hence makes it sweeter. Salt minimizes the acidic element present in the eatables. But if you add excess of salt to any substance it spoils the taste of the substance and hence makes it taste either sour or bitter. Therefore it's always important to add salt to any substance in right amount. This perfect amount is known as the threshold amount. If you add salt above the threshold amount then it makes the food item taste sour instead of sweet. If you add salt below the threshold amount then it makes your food item taste much sweeter than your expectations over its sweetness. 

If you have yet not added salt to any sweet substance then try once and enjoy the relishing sweet taste offered by the grains of salt. 

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