What is difference between cheese and butter?

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Do you know what is difference between cheese and butter


We all use butter and cheese in our daily routines to make our food even tastier and healthier. But little do we know about the difference between the two products, keeping aside their physical appearance.
They are different from each other with the only similarity that they are derived or produced from milk. Both are dairy product; milk is manipulated in distinct way and transformed in various taste, texture, flavours, and colour.
Milk have a thick layer of cream which is known as fat, this cream is use to make butter. Butter is mixture of milk fat + buttermilk + water. Milk fat is churned for some time until it becomes fatty and concentrated. Butter is made by churning fresh or fermented milk or cream. This is done to separate butterfat from buttermilk. Butter consists of butterfat, milk, water, and proteins. Butter is used as a spread. It is also used in cooking as in baking, sautéing, and pan frying. Butter has a milky flavour and similar colour.
However, butter has a way of producing a bad odour. This happens because butter contains milk solids that precipitate and go to the bottom of the pan where they burn resulting in a bad odour. Butter has a very limited shelf life. Though butter has a taste of its own, you cannot make recipes in it.
When you separate the liquid portion of milk from milk curd, you get Cheese. Cut them into cubes or any other desired shape and texture. Cheese and Paneer (cottage cheese) both are two different types of food that shows a clear difference when it comes to their nature and preparation.
Cheese is made of cow‘s milk by using the process of acidification. The bacteria acidify the milk which plays a vital role in bringing out natural flavour of cheese. Cheese is made from crude milk fats while paneer is the domestic form of cheese.

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