Make the Best Sandwich With Nutralite

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Make the Best Sandwich With Nutralite

The concept of sandwiches might have come from the West but Indians have accepted as one of their own. Nowadays, people just do not have sandwiches as part of some fancy snack at a café, but actually have it as a meal. Office goers pack sandwiches in their bags as lunches. These people often prefer healthy lunch sandwiches over a bowl of rice (which more than often can make you extremely sleepy). Sandwiches keep you wide awake, so probably they are a better lunch option for work. Making a sandwich is easy too. You do not need to wrack your brains much for getting hold of a good healthy sandwich recipe. All you need to know is have some very common vegetables at hand and bread (of course) and get on with it. Firstly you have to take a bowl full of boiled potatoes. Add salt to it and you might add peppercorns, chillie flakes for flavour and taste. Add capsicum, onions (if you please) and cheese spread.

This is followed by a good mixing of all the ingredients. Now take a slice of your choice of bread. It can be anything – normal bread, brown bread, garlic bread, etc. It is completely up to you. Spread Nutralite (works better and healthier than butter) on the slices lightly. Now spread the potato mash mixture you just prepared evenly on the Nutralite-ed bread. Add some more flavourings of peppercorns, chilli flakes etc. if you want. Cover this slice with the plain slice. You can make it a double decker sandwich by adding pieces of cucumber, onion rings tomato, etc. on top of the second slice. Sprinkle salt on it. Add gherkin if you want and them cover this garnish with another plain slice of bread. You now have two tiers of the sandwich ready to grill. Take out the sandwich grill. Apply Pudina and Coriander Nutralite on the extreme end slices of the sandwich and press in it the hot grill and let it grill for some time. Until embedded with grill marks, keep the sandwiches in and after they are done, take them out, cut them into triangles (to make them look fancy) and your healthy and delicious sandwiches are ready.

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