Make Healthy Breakfast with Nutralite

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Make Healthy Breakfast with Nutralite

Breakfast is rightly claimed to be the most important meal of the day. After a good long night’s sleep, it is essential to get involved into something that can help kickstart your day and nothing does it better than a healthy and perfect breakfast. Many believe that breakfast is avoidable and that their actions will barely have any repercussions. 

But if taken under consideration, post-dinner, there is an average gap of 8 hours of sleep where your body has rested and has tried to recover but is now in need of nutrients and energy to get you through the morning. Skipping breakfast forces your body to survive on the minimum resources it has left, for another 5-6 hours until lunch.

If this is a regular activity in an individual’s life, they can experience unexplained fatigue and weakness, even after a good long sleep, and a gradual increase in the risks of acquiring heart-related diseases and diabetes.

Given today’s fast-forward lifestyle, experts have not only found food combinations that provide for a fast breakfast, but also a nutritious one. You can enhance the nutritiveness of your breakfast with a little addition of vitamins A, D, E fortified Nutralite. It is the perfect spread for a perfect health. Dieticians, Food Scientists, and Nutritionists have all focused on encouraging food habits leading to fitter lives. But under any circumstances, if it’s not possible to squeeze in breakfast into your schedule, a well-timed and thought out brunch can do the trick.

Here are a few fun and healthy brunch ideas:

  • Broccoli Paratha: It is both healthy and tasty. Grind boiled broccoli into a paste, then add your favorite spices to it. Mix flour, broccoli waste, onions, etc. together and knead it with water. Prepare small balls of the dough and make your favorite shaped paratha with it. Spread Nutralite on the parathe and cook it till golden.

  • Kadhai Tacos: Take Nutralite in a pan and add garlic and paneer cubes in it. Fry them till a brownish golden colour appears. Take yogurt, garam masala, pepper, chaat masala and salt in a bowl and mix them well. Add this to the paneer along with onions, capsicum, bell pepper, etc. Toss them with lime juice. Add this filling to taco shells and you are good to go.

  • Vegetable Vermicelli: Add Nutralite in a wok and add mustard and cumin seeds to it after heating. Saute some chopped onions along with chopped potato, peas and carrots. Add the spices. No add roasted vermicelli and water to it. After the water has dried garnish and serve it.
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