10 Healthy Benefits Of Dragon Fruit That You Aren't Aware Of

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10 Healthy Benefits Of Dragon Fruit That You Aren't Aware Of

Dragon Fruit, an incredibly exotic variety of fruits, is a native to Southern America. Over the time, it's availability as well as popularity has increased around the globe. It somewhat looks like a fiery Chinese dragon with beautiful colors, black spots and lovely scales, hence the name! 

You get a white flesh that's the inside edible portion and the skin which makes the outer shell. The crunchiness and taste lying between a pear and kiwi isn't only the best part. There are several health benefits that a dragon fruit can provide.  

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#1. It Prevents Your Worst Enemy - Acne 

The surprising gift that you keep getting from your excessively oily skin can be treated from the most exotic fruit! Vitamin C content present in dragon fruit acts as a topical ointment for reducing the acne effect along with making the skin look flawless. 

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#2. Aids In The Best Process - Weight loss

Satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising on the numbers you see increasing on the weighing scale. You can easily make your regular boring diet into something exciting and lip smacking. Dragon fruit satiates and prevents overeating! You get high amounts of fiber along with 90% water retention from a single item.

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#3. Promotes Betterment - For Skin

Dragon fruit is a rich source of antioxidants. This is what makes your skin look much younger and tighter. Dragon fruit soothes the burnt skin, provides it with the essential moisture and helps fight the signs of aging. A glass of dragon fruit juice each morning helps eliminate the bodily toxins to make your skin look bright and glowing.

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#4. Is A Great Snack - For Kids

So the next time you run out of ideas, grab a dragon fruit. Those hungry little monsters would love the newer addition in their lunch boxes or during their fun time at home. Not only is it healthy but tasty too.

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#5. Strengthens - Teeth And Bones

Since it's rich in calcium and phosphorus, dragon fruit provides essential nutrients for your teeth and bones and strengthens them. It's the ultimate solution to provide you with the best you can do to your bones and teeth!

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#6. Improves - Appetite

Dragon fruit keeps all kinds of stomach ailments at bay! It ideally improves your digestive system and facilitates proper bowel movements. This is what makes the eating desires bounce back and lure you into savoring the heavenly tastes all around.

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#7. Boosts - Immunity

Dragon fruit makes a powerful defense to fight against viral and bacterial infections. This helps stimulate the presence of other mineral and vitamins that help boost your immune system.

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#8. Suppresses - Arthritis pain

Arthritis pain is intolerable. It severely affects the joints and limits one's mobility. Dragon fruit, being anti inflammatory in nature, actually reduces the unbearable pain not immediately but definitely.

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#9. Maintains - Healthy Heart

This super fruit replenishes healthy cholesterol levels and is an excellent source of monounsaturated fat. Thus it maintains a better cardiovascular health.

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#10. Enhances - Vision

Do you witness terrible pain in the back of your eyes? Do you also complain of a blurry vision at times? It is the right moment to include dragon fruit in your diet and protect those peepers from any further damage or harmful effects.

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