What are the Best Foods for Eyes?

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What are the Best Foods for Eyes?

Working on the computer for hours every day has started to take a toll on my eyes. It began with irritation and dark circles, and now I believe that even my vision is getting blurred. My brother has been wearing glasses for many years now and I don’t want to handle the same hassles that he goes through on a daily basis. Therefore, I have decided to do something and get my 20/20 vision back.

I read somewhere that the food we eat has a tremendous effect on our eyesight so besides limiting my computer, television and smartphone usage, I have decided to focus on what I consume as well. But the problem is I don’t know what exactly it is that I need to add to my diet. Do you know foods that are good for eyesight? Share those through comments.

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Answers (4)

carrots are the best

Carrots and citrus fruits are best for eyes.

Carrots, Oranges and Fish 

Green vegetables, beans, eggs, citrus fruits.

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