What are the Best Foods to avoid for Oily Skin?

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What are the Best Foods to avoid for Oily Skin?

No one likes an oily skin, especially when it creates a negative impression on people who they are associated with. Everyone has the right to maintain a fresh and healthy skin, but that might get difficult depending on the individual's food habits. So, if you're not happy with your oily skin, your diet is one of the key reason. Find out food you should eat, and what you should not eat, if you want to get rid of your oily skin.

In this article, we will discuss the foods that cause oily skin, and the food that saves you from one.

Foods That Increase Oil Production In Skin

If you're suffering from oil on your skin, there are some food that you should start to avoid. It would be tough, but the results would be thrilling.

#1. Unsaturated Fats 

High consumption of unsaturated fat or Omega-6 fatty acids is known to cause skin inflammation and might result in acne. If you don't want to suffer the consequences, think of ditching food containing unsaturated fats from your diet.

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#2. Dairy Products 

Regular dairy products like butter, cheese, and milk are rich in hormones that can clog pores and trigger breakouts. Thus, it's better to switch to healthy alternatives of dairy products or limit their consumption level.

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#3. Alcohol 

Alcohol has many other side-effects on your skin other than making your skin look greasy. It can dehydrate your skin and cause your skin to breakout.

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#4. Refined Carbohydrates 

Food products like white bread, white rice, and other commodities with refined carbohydrate content are highly toxic for your skin because of the high glycemic index. High glycemic index in your body can cause drastic changes in blood sugar levels and increases oil production in the skin.

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#5. Sugar 

Sugar is known to promote the production of oil in skin glands and cause other serious health problems. So, to keep things in control you should start adopting alternatives to sugar, or reduce the consumption of sugar.

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Diet Tips For Oily Skin

If you genuinely want a fresh and flawless skin, you have to take the initiative. Introduce some changes in your diet and stick with it if you want results.

#1. Eat Food With High Water Content 

Fruits like cucumber is the one must-have in your diet due to the presence of high water content that will keep your skin hydrated. A cucumber a day can keep oil away from your skin.

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#2. Drink A Lot Of Water  

High intake of water can flush out the toxins that you take in with other food and cleanse your entire body. Water also keeps your body hydrated and keeps the fresh look on your skin.

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#3. Fiber 

Food rich in natural fibers, namely brown bread, oats, corn, and citrus fruit is a good way to keep your skin oil free. Fibers are good nutrient absorbing elements and absorb the nutrients inside the body, helping to flush out the toxins.

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#4. Grapefruit 

Grapefruit is a rich source of Vitamin C, fiber, and water which helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. However, it is recommended to eat grapefruit without sugar.

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We hope you liked the article. If it did help you avoid your skin problems, or you know of any other way to do that, let us know using the comment section below. 

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