What are the Best Sources of Protein for Vegetarians?

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What are the Best Sources of Protein for Vegetarians?

Meat-free meals were my choice a few years ago. Initially, everything was going well until I realized my skin and hair texture were degenerating. My health kept on degrading and I got more on pills. Doctors along with my friends and family kept on advising me to take up a non-vegetarian diet once again so as to get back to normal health.

They told me that it is because of giving up on meat that my body was not getting sufficient nutrients. And to some extent, now I feel they might be right. Besides meat and eggs, I am not sure if there are any protein-rich foods that can help cover up my deficiencies. Keeping in mind that I have made my choice, please suggest me the food items that contain a sufficient amount of proteins so I can get back to a normal health?

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Black eye peas


Black chickpeas

Soya beans ( not more than 20 grams)


Kidney beans


All this food which I have listed is a good source of proteins, Even I follow this diet. 

I think it is tofu, spinach and soya

Soy and lentils are a good source of proteins.

Paneer is a very good source of protein for vegetarians.

Soya is a great source of proteins. 

Include lentils in your food.

Beans, Chicken and Paneer

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