Which is your Favorite Dish & Dessert from Turkish Cuisine?

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Which is your Favorite Dish & Dessert from Turkish Cuisine?

Famed all over the world, Turkish cuisine is known for its generous use of spices, preference for rice and intricate grilling method. From delicious vegetarian options like shepherd’s salad and garbanzo beans to delectable meat-based delights like kuzu tandır, İnegöl meatballs and the famous Turkish kebabs, this Asian cuisine has something for everyone.

Moreover, it has plenty in store for you if you have a sweet tooth. Baklava, kaymaklı kayısı and revani are some delicacies that every foodie with a craving for something sweet must try. Not to forget is dondurma, Turkish ice cream which has fans all over the world.

While we are completely in love with the Turkish cuisine and every element of it, we would love to hear which is your favorite dish or dessert from this Asian style of cooking.

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Pide or turkish pizza, Borek and Kofte are the best turkish dishes that everyone must try at least once!

Kazandibi is my favorite Turkish dessert.

Pide or in other words turkish pizza is just too delicious

I am not a fan of Turkish cuisine. 

Turkish kebabs and baklava are my favorite.

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