Does Salt make Water boil Faster?

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Does Salt make Water boil Faster?

Do you follow the various cooking hacks taught to you by your parents and grandparents? Well, then you must be aware of the age-old concept of sprinkling salt into the water to make it boil faster and save time.

The question is how true this idea is? Is it really what happens or just a myth caused due to popular belief? 

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It very important to keep in mind the fact that this is not just some random idea, this is actually a concept followed by many people who cook on a regular basis and also a commonly accepted notion. But, unfortunately, this is not as true as we all accept it to be. Since a lot of us are not aware of the changes in the chemical composition that take place when salt is added to water and the change in temperature of the water with salt in it and the change in temperature in water without salt in it. It is not possible for us to gauge how authentic this concept is without the knowledge of certain facts. 

Some Things You Need To Know With Respect To This Concept

#1. Salt does not help water to boil faster.

#2. Salt increases the evaporation of water.

#3. Salt water needs exposure to more amount of heat than regular water. This makes the water hotter, but it does not reduce the time it takes to boil.

#4. If you add a large amount of salt to the water, where the amount of salt is greater than just a sprinkle of salt. Then there is a possibility of the water to boil fast. But, this water will be immensely salty and absolutely of no use.

#5. No one wants to use salty water for cooking purposes. A sprinkle of salt is not helping your water boil. So, it is better to let it boil on its own.

#6. Because you need to expose salt water to more heat you are going to end up using more energy and waste energy.

#7. Adding salt to water makes it evaporate at a faster rate, which means loss of water in a larger quantity, due to too much evaporation. You end up wasting water, unknowingly, even though in less quantity, it is a waste.

What we derive of this the fact you need to put a lot of salt to make the water boil faster, which makes the water salty to such an extent that you cannot use it anymore. Additionally, you end up wasting time, water, and energy. Leaving the water to boil on its own and take its time is much better option.

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