Are there any Bottled Water that are Fluoride-Free?

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Are there any Bottled Water that are Fluoride-Free?

If you have come across all the discussions going on regarding the presence of fluoride in bottled drinking water, you must be worried about this fact? If you are still not sure what fluoride is and what are the health issues that can be caused because of excess fluoride consumption? You are at the right place.

Some details related to the contents of fluoride in bottled water and the negative consequences of too much consumption of fluoride are given below.
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What Do We Mean By Too Much Fluoride?

Our bodies require fluoride, but it is required at very low levels. There will be negative effects on the health if there is an excessive consumption of fluoride. It is considered to be helpful for our oral health, at the same time excess consumption can prove to be negative for the teeth. Specifically, man-made fluoride can be harmful to our health. If we consume man made fluoride in a huge quantity, we are likely to face fluorosis. 

Fluorosis is a condition that leads to the wearing down of the enamel of the teeth. It often leads to the formation of brown and yellow irregularities on the surface of the teeth. There may also be the formation of holes in the teeth. It can affect both children and adults. It affects children in the initial seven to eight years of their lives, at the point of the growth of their permanent teeth. An excess amount of fluoride can also cause cognitive development related problems in children.
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Are There Any Bottled Water That Is Fluoride Free?

There has been a rise in the concern related to the presence of fluoride in most of the bottled waters. We often tend to use bottled water in case of urgent need to consume water, when we are on the road. Sometimes it is not possible for us to carry enough water along with us that is when we are compelled to consume packaged water. Here is a list of bottled water that is completely fluoride free, these can prove to be a better option for consumption.

List Of Packaged Water That Is Fluoride Free

Down below is a list of brands of packaged water that are either fluoride free or contain very little amount of fluoride.

#1.  A better water
#2.  Alpina
#3. Aqua Fresca
#4. Aqua Panna
#5. Aquafina Water
#6. Bio-2
#7. Badger Water
#8. Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water
#9. CAPA
#10. Century Springs
#11. Coach
#12. Cold Country
#13. Dakota Splash
#14. Deep Rock
#15. Deep Rock Crystal Drop
#16. Eureka
#17. Elite
#18. E Water
#19. Family Pantry
#20. Glacier Bay
#21. Harvey’s
#22. Ice Jam
#23. Zodiac
#24. Whole Foods 365
#25. Volvic.

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Given above are just a few of the names of brands of water that are low on or free of fluoride. There are much more that fall into this category. You can opt for any of the above brands or do a further research which will give you more options to choose from.

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