Are You Drinking Enough Water?

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

What’s better than a cold glass of water on a hot sunny day! With the rise in mercury, it is becoming alarmingly important to stay hydrated at all times. But how would we know whether we are hydrated or not? 

The body gives out signs that determine that you are not drinking enough water. It is important to identify those signs and meet the needs of the body to ensure you do not fall ill.

Here are some important signs that we are not drinking enough water:

#1. Are You Feeling Dry In Your Mouth?

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Thirst makes the mouth go dry. It seems like there’s no saliva and you experience a nasty feeling. Drinking water lubricates the mucous membrane that is essential to keep your mouth moist, which in turn creates saliva.

#2. Are You Rubbing Your Eyes As It’s Irritating You?

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Lack of water in the body causes irritation to the eye as the water dries up in the socket. This is because you are not drinking the right amount of water that a body needs in a day. As a result, it begins to absorb water from the retina cells, ultimately causing itchiness in the eye.

#3. Experiencing Pain In Joints?

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Have you been experiencing a joint pain lately? It could be your body’s way to tell you that you are not consuming sufficient amount of water. Since our cartilage and spillage discs are made of 80% of water, the liquid plays an important role in keeping our bones from grinding against each other as we walk. Lack of same would lead to a nasty fall or immense pain in the joints.

 #4. Falling Ill Becoming A Regular Affair?

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Since water is essential to flush out toxins in the body, one must drink adequate water to ensure no toxins remain in the body. Toxins in the body could threaten the level of immunity against diseases and make you prone to illnesses.

#5. Going To The Washroom Only Once Or Twice?

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How many times are you using the loo? If it is less than five- six times, you must reconsider your intake of water! Since kidneys absorb a certain level of water to prevent dehydration, the rest may not be sufficient to replace the fluids excreted by the body, leading to reduced number of visits to the restroom.

#6. Suffering From Hunger Pangs?

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Is your stomach rumbling every now and then? It may want to tell you to drink more water. Hunger pangs are a way for the body to order energy for its consumption. While many associates it with food, it could also a sign to tell you that your body needs water to flush the bad toxins away.

#7. Having A Hard Time Passing Stools?

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One of the most common signs that indicate water levels in the body is constipation. If you are not hydrated, your body will absorb water from wherever it is available including the colon, leading to hard stools. Thus, for soft and easy to pass stool, one must ensure they are adequately hydrated.

#8. Passing Urine That’s Dark Yellow In Color?

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The color of urine is a strong determinant to assess your water level. If the color changes to dark yellow, it would signify that your kidneys are excreting higher concentration of waste products in the urine, including dead blood cells, toxins, proteins and other products to be removed from the body.

#9. Are Fatigue And Lethargy Your Best Friends?

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In the case of lack of water in the body, it absorbs water from the blood. This reduces the level of oxygen in the blood and leads to tiredness and fatigue. Thus, if you wish to feel more energetic and active, increase you water intake during the day.

#10. Gained Age Over The Last Few Months?

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If you don’t drink enough water, your skin begins to go dry. This causes wrinkles and other age-related elements to feature on the skin, adding some years to your look. Thus, if you feel you have gained age in the last few months, it may be a sign from the body regarding your low water consumption.

#11. Witnessed Reduction In Muscle Mass?

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Since muscles are comprised mostly of water, less liquid in the body is directly proportionate to less muscle mass. Probably that’s why, after working out drinking water is essential. It transports water to the right places and you feel all pumped up!

#12. Head Aching At Most Times?

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One of the most common signs includes a headache. Usually, headaches happen for everything. In the event of low water consumption, the body begins to absorb water from the brain tissue, triggering the pain receptors and leading to headaches. So, instead of taking pain-killers, try increasing the water consumption in the day and notice the change.

#13. Having Acidity?

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Stomach consists of a thin lining of mucous that is made with 98% of water and 2 % Sodium bicarbonate that protects it from the digestive acidic fluids the body produces. In the case of dehydration, the lining grows thin, exposing the stomach to the acidic fluids. Thus, people become acidic and experience heartburn, eventually leading to stomach aches.

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