Tips to Keep Monsoon Diseases at bay

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Tips to Keep Monsoon Diseases at bay

It is the onset of monsoons in most parts of India providing a relief from the blazing heat over the summer months. As monsoon brings a pleasant relief from the hotter months, it is an inevitable fact that a number of physical maladies are associated with the season. 

A piping hot cup of tea and a plate of steaming bhajiyas (fritters) is what is reminiscent of a glorious monsoon. But sadly, the present situation tells otherwise. Monsoon, these days mean endless trips to doctor clinic and popping in antibiotics. 

Beware of these Monsoon diseases:

The rainy season brings in a host of illness that are mainly water-borne and is a result of lowered immunity. With viral fevers, malaria, dengue, typhoid and jaundice to name a few, monsoon related diseases have very minor symptoms and get difficult in diagnosing. 

However, its important you recognise symptoms like high fever, joint pains, cramps, vomiting, watery stools and unexplained weight loss to initiate immediate medical attention. Don’t just rely on OTC drugs. Even the most minor symptom can be the beginning of a serious infection. 

Barring these, many gastrointestinal conditions and food poisoning are also common in monsoon owing to the love of street food of Indians. 

Measures to prevent monsoon diseases:

Increase Vitamin C intake - Consumption of Vitamin C naturally or through supplements increase immunity and help you fight infections. 

Keep it warm - A cup of hot tea, milk with a pinch of turmeric and warm soup helps prevent infections that are otherwise caused by sudden temperature changes. 

Avoid coffee - A cup of steaming latte, as tempting as it might sound actually is not a good option during monsoons. The caffeine leads to dehydration.

Care for your child’s health this monsoon:

For children who love water, monsoon is the best season for them. They love getting drenched in the rain and never leave a chance to jump into every muddy puddle. So here are a few tips for all parents to protect your child against monsoon maladies.

A strict no to outside food - A strict ban should be put on street foods for kids during the monsoons. Street foods are utterly contaminated and is the main cause of food poisoning and other gastrointestinal infections.

Ensure that they eat only home-made fresh food and drink boiled water. In case of cold and flu, make them some warm vegetable or chicken soup to increase their immunity.

Proper clothing and footwear - Try to dress you kids in airy full-sleeve clothing. Make them wear a pair of high gum boots to protect their feet from the infections in rain water when they jump into muddy puddles. 

Nail-biting - Kids are always in a habit of biting and chewing their nails. This one nasty habit of your kid should be strictly looked into. With infinite germs and dirt making way into their stomach from nails, stomach infection in kids get very common. 

Teach them hygiene - Maintaining a proper hygiene is important in the monsoons. Educate them on using sanitisers before having meals. 

Also make sure that your child is drinking enough fluids this monsoon. 

Don’t panic in case you experience any of the above signs and symptoms related to a disease. India has a fine healthcare system with experienced General Physicians and medical practitioners. Seek immediate medical help from the right physician.

Now you can book doctor appointment online as per your convenient time and locality.  

Here’s wishing all a happy and healthy monsoon!

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