Does Mars have Water?

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Does Mars have Water?

Earth's neighboring planet Mars has been a matter of subject for scientists for decades now. From expeditions to explore the Red Planet to finding components that constitute the structure of the sphere, a lot has been discovered as scientists conducted their extensive study on the planet closest to the earth. With colonization as an intended mission to explore Mars, a pertinent question has risen in the minds of people who which to colonize the space. Does Mars have water? 

It has been concluded that the planet Mars holds water in the form of ice although it also happens to exist in small quantities in the atmosphere and also as low volume liquid brines in shallow Martian soil. The place where water in the form of ice seems visible is at the surface of the north polar ice cap. Also, it has been found that water in the form of ice is in abundance under the indefinite carbon dioxide ice cap at the Martian South Pole. And that’s not enough, more than five million cubic kilometers of ice has been found on the surface of Modern Mars which is sufficient to conceal the entire planet to a deepness of thirty-five meters.

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With this discovery, there is a possibility that liquid water might transpire transiently on the Martian surface in the present times but under specific conditions. Did you know the planet holds no huge standing bodies of liquid water as the pressure of the atmosphere at the surface averages six hundred Pascals and also as the average of the global temperature is way too low which in turn results in hurried evaporation or freezing?

In the year 2013 on December 9, NASA iterated, built on proof from the Curiosity rover studying Aeolis Palus; Gale Crater had an age-old fresh lake water that would have been convenient habitat for microbial life.

Innumerable proof iterates that there is an abundance of water on the planet Mars which has a vital role in the planet’s geological history. The invention of present times of water on the planet Mars can be guessed from spacecraft imagery and remote sensing. Past water evidence of geology shows huge outflow channels made from floods, deltas, and finding of rocks and minerals on the surface would have formulated into liquid water.

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Though the surface of Mars was damp from time to time and could have been congenial to microbial life a lot of years ago, the current environment scenario is dry and colder than the freezing point which is a big problem for living life forms.  Also, the planet Mars does not have the thick atmosphere, magnetic field and ozone layer which permits solar and cosmic radiation to enter the surface unobstructed. This is one of the main factors for limited survival of micro organisms on the surface.

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