What to do if your Phone gets Wet?

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What to do if your Phone gets Wet?

Did you ever drop your phone in the pool of water? Have you ever faced a situation where your phone has stopped working as it was completely wet due to some accident? We all have at some point in time been in a situation where our phone has been damaged because of getting wet in the water.

In such situations, we often question as to what to do when the phone is wet, what to do if the phone gets wet and it won’t turn on? What to do if you drop your phone in the water? If you have been wondering the answer to these questions, you surely are at the right place. Down below are the steps you will need to follow or the things you can do to fix your phone if it gets wet.

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How To Fix Your Phone If It Gets Wet?

#1. Do Make Sure You Do Not Do The Following

Do not try to turn it on forcefully; this might cause further damage to the phone. Make sure you do not keep pressing any keys, even the start key. Keep the keypad completely untouched. Do not keep shaking the phone or banging the phone, which is what we usually do to restart the phone in case it has stopped working. This will definitely cause more damage to the phone. Please do not blow the phone or even bang the phone. This can simply send a lot of water into the internal parts of the phone. It is best that you do not move the phone too much until you have been able to recover all the data and repair the phone. The most important thing to refrain from, please do not heat the phone in any way. That will include any crazy idea you have about drying it and recovering it, no blow drying or microwaving.

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#2. Remove The Essentials

The next essential thing you will need to do is to remove your protective cover if you have any and all the SIM cards as well as your SD card if you have any. Also, make sure you remove the battery.

#3. Wipe It With A Cloth

Next use a cloth or some paper, a cloth is a better option, you can also choose to use a towel, to dab the interiors of the phone. As mentioned above please make sure you are not moving the phone too much, just keep it static in one place and keep dabbing. The more you dab the more you will be able to get rid of the water from the phone. The reason you need to keep it static is that the water will spread the more you keep moving it, which will make it impossible to restart the phone all over again.

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#4. Use Zip-Locks To Soak Water 

Another awesome thing you can do to get rid of all the water is by keeping the phone in a zip lock bag which is completely full of uncooked rice. Uncooked rice can soak all the water out. This remains a very common method for drying smartphone and tablets. It is used very often used and found to give very positive results.

#5. Use Drying Pouches

You can also use phone drying pouches which are dedicated to the drying of phones. These pouches are specifically for the drying of the phones and will surely be able to help you dry your phone.

In most cases you can dry your phone and restart it all over again, this will mostly make sure your phone is working well. But, there might be cases where your phone refuses to work in spite of all the effort, in that case, you will have to go to a store that is the brand of your phone.

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