Which Smartphone should you Buy- Vivo V7 or iPhone 8?

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Which Smartphone should you Buy- Vivo V7 or iPhone 8?

I am planning to buy a new phone and am utterly confused between the two phones, Vivo V7 and iPhone 8. Although there is a long list of features that the phones offer, I do not know how they would perform. I have an Idea about the iPhone but am clueless about Vivo technology. 

Should I opt for Vivo or continue my alliance with iPhone? Share your knowledge on the two leading phones by commenting in the box below. 

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You are actually comparing between Android and iOS and their price range has a huge gap.

You should know that Vivo V7 priced around Rs. 13 K and that of iPhone 8 is around Rs. 59 K. Though price should not be the determining factor while purchasing a phone, everyone has a certain budget. You can even purchase a phone on no-cost EMI, if you cannot afford from your regular income and savings. 

However, here are the specifications of both the phones:

Vivo V7

The phone has 5.7 inch display, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory and 256 GB expandable memory, 16 MP rear camera with rear flash and 24 MP with front flash, 3000 mAh battery, etc.

iPhone 8

It has 4.7 inch display, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory and 256 GB expandable memory, 12 MP rear camera with quad-LED dual-tone flash and 7 MP with face detection, HDR and panorama facilities, 1821 mAh battery, etc. If you are thinking to make it yours then buy iPhone 8 on no cost EMI through EMI card of Bajaj Finserv.

You should review these factors while selecting the best one. 

It totally depends on the money you are willing to shed out. If you have a budget of 20+ k rupees, then I suggest you go for Vivo V7 and if you can spare 100000 bucks just for a smartphone, then go for iPhone 8. Another thing you should consider is whether you are willing to wait a few months for Apple's flagship device or not. While pre-ordering for Vivo V7 has already begun and the delivery of the gadgets are believed to begin soon, Apple is yet to reveal the highly anticipated iPhone 8. The latter device will surely come with many surprise features as 2017 marks as the 10th anniversary of iPhone's launch.

So, the bottom line is that if you are ready to wait and can spare 1,00,000 rupees, wait for iPhone 8.  

According to my opinion, iPhone 8 is better not just because it has a brand name but also because apple will be coming up with features it has never been come up till date. The phone from apple has a life which is unbeatable. They can use for years and still nothing will happen to them. Apple’s iPhone 8 would be most desirable phone when it will come on board. The iPhones never hang is the best part about them and I guess the phone which you can use for hours without getting disturbed is the best choice. Now that Apple has improved the battery backup, I don’t think there’s going to be any phone near iPhones. Of course other phones have their own pros and cons, but being an iPhone user for a long time, I can only suggest investing your money on something which is sustained. Iphones give you excellent quality and durability of use. What else can you ask for?

I think you should go for iPhone8, simply because it is well-known brand and there is absolutely no doubt about its performance. 

While it totally depends on the amount of money you can shell on a phone, I'd say that if you have the money, go for the Apple iPhone 8. Apple and iPhones don't need an introduction and the entire world knows how good devices they are.

I prefer Apple Phones. I have been using an iPhone for quite a long time and no other smartphone is good enough for me. so my choice is iPhone 8.

Depends totally on you. If you're an Indian, ready to sell your kidneys- go for the iPhone. 

Puns apart, it's a matter of affordability and personal choice- you like iPhone, take iPhone. You like Vivo, you buy Vivo. But, be a little cautious, the "quit Chinese products movement" might be a problem while buying Vivo, as the so-called activists might not like your choice.

My vote goes for Iphone 8.

Both are good. But since I am an Iphone fan, I would have gone for Iphone8 because my experience with Iphone has been really amazing. When i was on android, i used to change my phone in every 3 months due to the viruses that crippled my phone or their tender nature broke my phone twice leading to extra expenditure. And, ive been using the same Iphone since the past 3 years therefore making it a handy and an amazing phone for me.

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