Is it Safe to Leave my Smartphone on Charge for the Entire Night?

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Is it Safe to Leave my Smartphone on Charge for the Entire Night?

Our mobile devices have become pretty smarter over the time. And the battery is their most important component. After all, no or dead battery isn't of any use to make the phone work! It just acts like a paperweight. So, I would never do something that will damage the battery of my phone.

But, I have constantly heard how overnight charging destroys the phone's battery along with phone's overall longevity. So, are these just specific instances or there's any truth behind the same? And, what are the best practices to keep in mind while charging any phone? Is there also a difference in the type of battery one would have?

Please share if you have ever noticed any such dissimilarity while charging?

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Yes, it reduces the mobile battery lifespan because of overheat. So it is advisable to remove charge when it is sufficiently charged, you can even opt for some full alert applications which will notify you about a full battery on your phone. One such application according to my preference is full charge alarm android available free on play store 

Here is the Link to the same

never ever do that. i did that with my laptop and it burnt down my entire drawing room. thank god i did not keep it in bedroom with me.

Why take a risk? Do not charge your phone overnight.

No. Phone can overheat.

No, are you barmy? You should unplug the charger before hitting the bed.

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