The iPhone X is The Ultimate Life Hack Tool!

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The iPhone X is The Ultimate Life Hack Tool!

For me, the iPhone X is a genuine game changer! In fact, this Apple phone is so revolutionary that it is the first Apple product I have purchased for myself in more than a decade. But, once I spent a few days playing with my wife’s iPhone X, my gut told me loud and clear that I was no longer an Android man; I was actually an Apple boy. And, this abrupt change is simply because the iPhone X is the ultimate lifehack tool! 

But First: Sure, the iPhone X Costs a Thousand Bucks… SO WHAT?!

Before we get down into the weeds as to how my new phone has changed my life, we need to get down with the elephant in the room: yes, this is the most expensive phone I’ve ever bought. It is so costly that it crosses that $1,000 price point barrier that will undoubtedly scare off some. 

BUT, really, why should we be scared of a price merely because it is an even number? We should only avoid prices that we cannot afford and that do not make sense regardless of where it is on the price point scale. I did not mind paying this much for an iPhone X, the greatest smartphone ever made, simply because it makes my life much better in tangible ways. 

iPhone X Wireless Charging Means No More Dead Phones for Me

The inductive wireless charging of this new phone is shockingly effective. With my Galaxy Note, I was always watching the battery indicator since it rarely lasted a full work day. But, now, with a few wireless chargers in my home and at my office, I am sure that I will never be the victim of a dead phone battery again because it is natural to just lay my phone down where I normally would to have it charge!  

iPhone X Face ID is Fast and Really Works

Just a couple years ago, I purchased a laptop with a face ID security feature. While I loved the idea of such a security feature, it rarely worked in one go and frequently did not work at all even when I moved to different lighting and held my head in all sorts of positions. 

I am glad to be able to tell you that Apple’s Face ID absolutely works. It is seamless. And, it took me no more than a minute to set it up. I truly love being able to pick up my phone at any time no matter what I am doing it and unlock it with just a glance. Gone is the fumbling with a passcode and/or the thumb reader of my Note. 

iOS 11 is Ultra Secure

No matter how cool a new phone may seem to be, it is only as good as is its operating system. And, the iPhone X operating system is the king of the pack. Not only is it powerful and ultra fast, the iOS 11 is the most secure phone operating system on the market. Its data encryption is so strong that it has even defeated the FBI on multiple occasions. This is a HUGE selling point for me.  

iPhone X’s A11 Bionic Chipset is FAST

My iPhone X is the fastest phone I have ever used for a reason: its A11 Bionic chip tests out to be just as fast and powerful as is the Intel Core i5-7267U. Just in case you do not know what the Core i5-7267U is: it powers the 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro.


iPhone X is Gorgeous 

Can a phone be any more minimalistically beautiful than is the iPhone X? I don’t think so. 

Lacking a headphone jack, a charging port, and even a home button, it looks as if it is merely a solid piece of art crafted out of layers of polished glass and metal. Sure, the beauty of this phone is not a life hack; however, I must admit that its looks are one of the reasons I love it. And, judging by the comments I get from others, the iPhone X is indeed one sexy device.

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Yup. To the right of the notch at the top of the iPhone X, you see icons for cellular signal, WiFi, and a battery icon. What you don’t see is battery life percentage.

It’s not too far away: if you swipe down from the right-hand side of the notch to access the Control Center, the battery percentage appears. But you’re no longer able to see it with a quick glance, which means you’re now living in a binary battery world: green or red. And, while the Control Center is a little bit more customizable now, you can’t customize the home screen so that it shows percentage.


With old iPhones, capturing an image of your phone screen was easy: you pressed the home button and the power button simultaneously. That’s not the case with iPhone X, because, again, there isn’t a home button. Now you press a combination of the right-side button and one of the volume buttons, which means that any time you just happen to squeeze your phone a certain way, you might take a screenshot.

To be honest, this has only happened a handful of times for me so far. Others are experiencing it a lot more. Either way it’s not ideal.

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