How to sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone?

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How to sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone?

Microsoft outlook is very helpful in keeping people organized. It acts as a task manager, journal, contact manager, sender of emails and note taker for that matter. Nobody can carry a laptop with them all the time, wherever they go. Outlook users then need to synchronize their Outlook calendars with their phones.  

If you sync your iPhones with your outlook calendar, you will be able to access their calendar anywhere they go. If you wish you synchronize your iPhone with the Outlook calendar or having any trouble in doing so, you’ve landed to the right place. Let’s see few tips with which you can sync your phone with the calendar.

How To Sync Outlook Calendar With iOS Device?

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#1. First of all, connect your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) with the computer system or laptop. You can connect it with the data cable that is provided with the device. You need to place your iPhone or iPad and touch it to the Apple Universal Dock.

#2. After that, iTunes will open on your computer or laptop automatically once you’re connected.

#3. Open iTunes and click on the source list. There will an option under Devices to click the entry for your device (iPhone or iPad).

#4. Now, click the Info tab option once you’ve entered the touch of your iPhone or iPad.

#5. An option of Calendars will be opening and click on ‘Sync calendars from.' the option of ‘Outlook’ will be opened, click here.

#6. Afterwards, do one of these following:

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• In order to synchronize all the calendar, click on the option of ‘All calendars.'

• You can limit the calendars that you have synchronized by clicking on the ‘selected calendars.' Then click on the calendar you want to sync.

#7. Click ‘Apply’ finally.

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You can also sync your outlook calendar with your iOS device by using HyperOffice, but that is recommended for a bunch of people or group, not for individual owners. The smallest plan that HyperOffice has is for a minimum of 5 users. It is a cloud based service that can sync both iPhone and Outlook. HyperOffice is a bridge between your phone and outlook. It allows bi-directional sync between two devices.

It is a hassle free process which won’t even take a long time. So you can carry your outlook calendar wherever you go now. Please share your views also in the comment section below.

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