How much would the new iPhone 8 Cost?

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How much would the new iPhone 8 Cost?

I am eagerly waiting for the new iPhone 8 to release which is due on September 12. Will it introduce new features in the phone or will they enhance the existing os to deliver greater performance? 

With days left before the launch, it's getting harder to wait for the new phone. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know a way by which I can book the new phone? Or help me with the details of the estimated price of the Apple's device?

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How much would the new iPhone 8 cost in USD? Please share your suggestions. 

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iPhone 8 is certainly going to cost more than what iPhone 7 did in its early days. I am also expecting a steep rise since this is the tenth anniversary of iPhone's launch and Apple must be planning to surprise users with some amazing new features. Let's wait and watch. 

Iphone 8 will come with 3D sensor to detect the user’s face. It is going to be en edgeless phone, with a sleek design, wider angle and OLED display. It has a kickass style accompanied with class-apart looks. In my view, with all these incredible specs, it will cost not less than INR 62,000.

Considering the price of iPhone 7, iP8 can be anything above that price. Of course, it would involve a better and advanced technology hence the price can be expected to be above the price of iPhone 7.

The price of a new iPhone is always more than its previous version. the iPhone 8 will also be launched at a much higher rate. 

With the kind of features that the iPhone 8 is expected to come with, I don't think it would be a pocket-friendly price by any means. Having said that, we could finally witness a mobile phone surpassing the 6 digit mark.

It is very difficult to determine the price of the next i phone. But, from what we have seen the price is expected to rise.

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