What's all the hype about Apple's iPhone X?

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What's all the hype about Apple's iPhone X?

Before the launch of Apple's new smartphone iPhone X, there was a lot of espionage in the market to discover the features of the latest gadget. Ever since the release, their iPhone X has been in the news for a plethora of reasons.

What's all the hype about the Apple's iPhone X? Do you think its worth the hype? What's your take on the features? Would you invest in a mobile as expensive as iPhone X?

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(Featured Image Courtesy: Apple Insider)

Answers (3)
Apple has survived the market was so long because of its PR strategies. No doubt that the company does come up with distinguished features, the marketing just makes it  more worth it.

It's just the brand that is hyped, though the new features are interesting but it is still not worth putting the huge amount of money.  

The simple answer is the brand name. It's an Apple product. Even if apple launches shit as their product, people will make it a trending topic for discussion. 

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