Who is going to Qualify for AFC Asian Cup 2019?

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Who is going to Qualify for AFC Asian Cup 2019?

Are you a fan of football? Are you watching the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers? Well, the recent match between India and Macau has grabbed the former a spot in the competition. It would rather be interesting to know which other teams will be seen participating in the finals.

Who do you think will give tough competition this season? Please share your opinion in the dialog box below. 

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India's recent performance has seen them jump to an unprecedented high in the FIFA rankings. The momentum seems to be the Men in Blue, and we can expect India to qualify for 2019's Asian Cup. #Backtheblues.

as an Indian, I would be delighted if India qualifies. let's hope for the best.

Whether India qualifies or not, the answer will always remain India. Let's hope our assumption turn into reality.

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