Can You Suggest Me Some Ways To Apply For A Maternity Leave?

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Can You Suggest Me Some Ways To Apply For A Maternity Leave?

Applying for maternity leaves is a well-made choice to survive the pregnancy phase smoothly. But, it actually is a complex process at the workplace level and I need to apply for the same. So, as far as I know, there are several maternity benefits that pertain to leaves and each of them varies from company to company.

I can apply for paid maternity leaves, the unpaid ones, return or resign from the job after I have availed all the leaves and so on. So, can you help me with the ways I can apply for the same and not compromise on my pregnancy period? 

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Answers (6)

Ease the hr into it and appeal to her human factor. 

Just give a shout to your HR. 

Inform the HR through an email and hopefully, the HR can help you with further actions that you can take.

You need to inform the HR in advance about your pregnancy and fulfill the associated formalities to gain the maternity benefits. Each employer has their own particular benefits. So, the company HR will be able to clear you about how you can actually go about with ease. 

Every employer is supposed to give a 26 week maternity leave to every expecting mother in office. That is by the laws of India. So you can just have a word with your employer about this and they cannot say no.

There's only one way and that's by sending an email to the HR representative, informing them of your pregnancy.  

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