What are the Best Kids Tablets with WiFi 2017?

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What are the Best Kids Tablets with WiFi 2017?

Every child desires to have a tablet as they are fun to use, can be easily carried anywhere and also it keeps them in the fun and frolic mood most of the times. In case, your child sees you’re working or playing on tablet, without a doubt, they would want to do the same too. Kids probably like to emulate their parent’s behavior. If you had to get a tablet for them, how would you decide which is the best tablets are for kids?

Taking a decision to spend money on your kid’s tablet is a big decision. So, there are numerous elements which need to be taken into consideration such as price, durability, controls for the parents and much more.

Here are a few tablets which would be sound for your kids to use:

#1. Leapfrog Leappad Platinum

(Image Courtesy: True Curate)

It is the only tablet(https://askopinion.com/best-tabs-2017) which has its own operating system. Their target audience is mostly preschoolers. It is a sound option for your kid as it gives one-in-all solution by having alphabets, numbers which can be learned and an array of characters such as Paw Petrol, Blaze and Monster machines and more. It is a seven-inch tablet which is available in the markets in colors such as bright green and purple and its built is quite solid in nature. And, it could also probably prevent itself from getting damaged on falling.
Also, it needs a mini USB port to charge itself which is thought to be found in antiquated phones and Digi-cams.

#2. Amazon Fire Kids Edition

(Image Courtesy: CNET)

It is definitely not that reasonable in price, but it is an all round solution for parents who don’t have much to share with their kids due to the pressure of work. Amazon decided to cross the boundaries to help busy parents by developing one-year subscription for Kids Unlimited. It is also a child proof case and a free warranty for two years. Also, if the tablets break due to whatever reason, they will change it for you for free. What else do you need in life to break stress from things that shatter after some time?

#3. EE Robin

(Image Courtesy: Engadget)

Trust us! There are many things to adore about this tablet. It has a speedy 4G LTE connectivity to the internet. EE Robin is indeed the lightest in its type which has a case with comes with an integrated handle and becomes handy and beneficial for the users. It is also amazing if you wish your child to cease slouching. Also, you could set up varied accounts to assist more than one children and the best part is you can control the time for the kids to use the tablet.

#4. Amazon Fire HD 8

(Image Courtesy: PCMag UK)

It can be bought at a great value with varied controls for parents.  There are numerous things to like about this tablet. It can be a good option for slightly older kids. It gives out an eight-inch display with dual speakers and amazing performance. The only thing it does not have when compared to Fire Kids Edition is that it cannot be replaced if it bears damage. But, it does have the Alexa edition which the kid's edition doesn’t possess. And, it just had 16GB for storage so buy as per your child’s needs.

#5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8

(Image Courtesy: Currys)

It is a good option for kids between the ages 10-12 years old. Kids that come under this age bracket desire to have something which can be trusted.  This tablet could be ideal for them as it is very light in weight and can move from one place to another easily. It is way too fast in its operation. Also, you could formulate separate accounts for each member of the family. It is a tablet which can be utilized by adults as well and the access can be protected with a fingerprint sensor.

Hope you liked the article. If there is anything we have missed to add to this list, kindly comment in the box below to bring it to our notice. 

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