What is your opinion about children playing violent video games?

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What is your opinion about children playing violent video games?

Most of the kids are attracted to video games. Video games occupied an important role in the everyday life of kids. There is nothing harm if kids play these games for a limited time. The extremity of anything is not good. Addiction to anything results in negative effects. Kids who are addicted to violent video games are not interested in participating in outdoor games and activities. They like to be isolated. If the situation is severe, you may notice angry outbursts in your kids. Also, they may lose control on their behavior.  

They feel that the characters of video games are real. As a result, kids tend to feel themselves as a super power for achieving specific tasks. This thinking may put them in trouble. Sometimes, kids wanted to try some dangerous thing in real life as shown in video games. Such dangerous things may put the life of your kid into a threatening situation.

In course of time, this feeling may result in the disturbance of mental health. In addition, physical health of your kid gets disturbed. Kids may not get good quality of sleep. They may not excel in studies. They never want to be involved in social gatherings. Especially this situation is more severe in cases of kids who are mostly attracted to violent video games.

And the companies that are involved in designing video games are also mainly targeting kids. But, the sad part is, the companies are designing the games in more violent modes. Graphics of violence is really awkward. Such graphics may show its negative effects on your kids. Parents must be cautious about the mental health of their kids. In fact, playing video games improves the mental ability of a child. But, if the violence is too much in the game, it might hurt the sensitive hearts of kids. As kids grow up by playing such violent video games, sensitivity in them may fade away. Lack of sensitivity destructs the relations. Such kids do not know the importance of relationships. With this kind of behavior, as they grow, they suffer a lot.

Parents must monitor the activities of their kids. If your kids are completely addicted to violent video games, watch out their behavior. If you suspect any abnormalities in their behavior, make sure that you are taking appropriate action. Speak to your kids and show them the beauty of this real world. Involve them in real world activities. Ask them to take part in your work. Seek their help in gardening. Go for shopping with your kids. Go for an evening walk with your kids.

To reduce the disadvantages associated with violent video games, you must help your kids to get rid of video games addiction. For achieving this goal, you must dedicate your time to your kids. Listen to them. Kids like to speak to their parents. Ignorance from parents makes them addicted to some unhealthy addictions. Convey them that they are valuable to you.

You can divert your kids from video games with the implementation of various techniques. Encourage them to develop some specific skills. You can teach them about crafts. Ask them to prepare simple crafts. Supply them all the necessary tools. Ask them to prepare a simple greeting card. Appreciate them for their good work. Also, let them take an active part in the room decoration activityfor birthday parties at your home.

You can also divert them by encouraging them to participate in new skills. The world is full of wonder kids. Most of the kids are highly talented in various skills. Make your kids know about such kids. Encourage them to develop such skills. Take them to cookery classes. Encourage them to play outdoor sports. You are also required to participate in such outdoor sports with them because kids usually imitate elders.

Ask them to read biographies of famous personalities. Explain some motivational incidents from the lives of famous personalities. Question them on how your kid would react if such situation is encountered by them. Conduct quizzes to your kids. Give them rewards. This tendency helps in developing interest towards scoring higher marks and getting rewards in quizzes. This process helps in improving the quality of their studies too. Let them know about the current affairs. Also, allow them to participate in social service. Let them know that their life is blessed with many things. Make them understand that there are amazing things.

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