Ways to stop sibling rivalry

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Ways to stop sibling rivalry

Kids fight for many reasons. The family gets affected when children fight. It is normal for siblings to fight. Most parents want to get rid of this type of fighting. Sibling rivalry can cause life long damage. 

Here are some tips to stop rivalry

  1. Get your child bond with the new baby before birth. Let him pat your belly. Show him his old photos. Make him assist you in small things. Give him a job title of mom's helper. Allow him to dress the newborn baby and appreciate his work. Try to entertain both kids at a time.

  2. Give the older child some minor responsibilities of the younger ones. Ask your children to comfort each other, when they are hurt. Encourage them to value each other. Tell them that jealousy is just a perception.

  3. Do not judge them. Listen to both of them. Strictly tell them that bullying is not allowed in your home.

  4. Do not compare your kids. Some kids increase fighting when they are compared. Tell them that siblings are forever and "blood is thicker than water". Your children will now become best friends.

  5. Help your kids by praising their talents. This builds their self-esteem.

  6. Make them realize what wrong they did by asking them questions. 

  7. Try removing the problem. If they are fighting for a cartoon, say that no cartoon for them for that day, if they keep on fighting.

  8. Have a firm sharing rule.

  9. Help them establish their own space. The other sibling should respect their boundaries.

  10. Discipline them and teach them to, love and respect each other.
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