Do Babies Pee inside the Womb? Where does it Go?

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Do Babies Pee inside the Womb? Where does it Go?

Parenting doesn’t really come the easy way. Without the needed social support and a flood of information, it becomes a little challenging to manage the entire phase. Especially for the would-be moms and dads, each bit of information is important for raising the developing children in the right manner. 

Therefore to counter the fear and to be on a safer side, you should know about what things babies do inside the womb.

Do babies pee in the womb?

The mystery is resolved. Yes, you did drink all that urine when you were inside the womb. Babies start peeing inside the surrounding amniotic sac from the eighth week. This is the time when their kidneys develop and initiate the peeing function. From around the tenth or eleventh week, they even start drinking the mixture of urine and amniotic fluid. As it happens constantly, it means that every human has experienced the complete process of drinking and digesting their own pee.

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Babies do not generally poop inside the mother's womb. Their digestive systems do not actually allow such complex processes. But they definitely accumulate a small amount of poop including all waste products and dead cells. Defecation happens once the fetus comes to life. But in certain cases, while in the labor or delivery period, babies may poop inside the womb. If that happens, all of it gets out in the form of black lumps when your water breaks. But it may sometimes be unsafe for the developing baby too. 

babies pee in the womb

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Do you know what are the things babies do inside the womb?

#1. They open eyes 

Babies open their peepers and feel brighter lights (pointed towards the mother's belly) with a blurry vision.

#2. Babies pee 

They swallow the amniotic fluid which makes them pee inside the womb.

inside womb babies activity

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#3. They drink urine 

Since the developing baby swallows the amniotic fluid and pees inside the womb, it means they are also drinking their urine.

#4. They eat hair 

Fetus swallows the hair covering his/ her body along with the intestinal cells, and bile etc. This accumulates to form the baby’s first poop.

babies eat inside womb

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#5. They poop 

In case the baby is overdue or undergoes severe stress before birth, they may pass their poop inside the womb. It’s dangerous!

#6. Erections

Don’t believe us? But there are scientists discovering on such topics too. Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology says that a male fetus can get erections from around the 16th week.

things babies do inside

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#7. Flavors  

The fetus can easily start smelling and tasting the food that his/ her mom eats.

#8. They float 

The developing baby floats in his/ her mother’s womb during the first week. This tiny ball of cells, until the required nourishment, is a womb drifter.

babies floating in womb

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#9. They hear

Yes, it is quite noisy inside and loud sounds can cause deformities. This is also assumed to be the reason behind why and how the baby recognizes and reacts to the mother’s voice.

#10. They cry 

According to ADC Fetal & Neonatal, the fetus too gets startled, opens the mouth and gasps. Surprising, isn't it?

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